Biometric Screenings Coming To Your Campus

Do you have SPC medical insurance?

Earn the $100 Wellness Incentive in year 2015 by completing a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and a confidential biometric screening this year.


  • Health Risk Assessment – An HRA is an online, confidential health questionnaire that evaluates your health risks and quality of life. Take the HRA on Aetna’s website by following these directions.
  • Biometric Screening – A biometric screening is a short, confidential test that screens for certain diseases or conditions. Screenings will be held at each campus.  Book your appointment today.

September Biometric Screening Schedule

Dates Campus Room Time
Wednesday, 9/3 Allstate Center Florida Room 1- 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 9/10 St. Petersburg/Gibbs SA-114 Noon - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 9/16 Health Education Center 177N Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 9/17 Seminole UP-303/319 1- 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 9/24 EpiCenter 2-304 Noon- 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, 9/25 Downtown DC-210 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Monday, 9/29 Clearwater ES-104 Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 9/30 Tarpon Springs FA-132 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.




SPC Human Resources nor Aetna will receive any individual employee results.  SPC Human Resources will only receive the aggregate data for the entire employee population.  These results will direct the education, tools, and resources of the SPC Wellness Program.


Participating in the biometric screenings and completing the Aetna HRA will automatically qualify SPC employees for the $100 Wellness Incentive.  The individual results will not have any effect on the Incentive.  This program is solely based on participation by employees  to qualify  for the 2015 $100 Wellness Incentive

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Volunteer for a longer, healthier life

Volunteer1. Research causes or issues important to you. Find a group that works with issues you’re passionate about.

2. Look at the skills you can offer. Consider volunteer work that matches your personality, interests, and/or expertise.

3. Consider volunteer work that lets you learn something new. Volunteering can hone your skills and abilities, which may help you professionally. Or, volunteer for a change from your daily work routine.

4. Combine your goals. Consider volunteer opportunities that will also help you achieve other goals for your life. For example, if you want to lose weight, choose an active volunteer opportunity, such as cleaning a park or working with kids.

5. Volunteer as a family. Volunteering as a family can bring a family closer together, teach young children the value of giving their time and effort, introduce the family to skills and experiences, and create wonderful memories.

Content provided by: Hope Health Calendar

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Scott Kearney: A Stand-Up Guy

ScottStanding up to work at your desk?  Yes, this is a reality at the St. Petersburg College’s AIS department in the EpiCenter District Office.

Scott Kearney, Systems Analyst, decided to “stand up” for what he believes in. Scott transformed a normal seated work station to a standing desk one and a half years ago.

He shared a couple reasons why.

  • His energy level increased. “I felt more energetic throughout the work day. My feet hurt a little for the first week, but that went away quickly.”
  • He didn’t feel trapped behind his desk anymore. There was a lot more open space for him to comfortably move around.

Many studies have researched sitting for long periods of time and the detrimental effects on the body:

  • For individuals with back pain the standing desk could provide some relief. A person’s back is very susceptible to injury because it is a major load-bearer. The spine is a central support system for the entire upper body. If the upper body is not positioned correctly it could put strain on the spine.
  • Many Americans spend the majority of their day sitting. Prolonged sitting has also been linked to declines in vascular health and has been shown to disrupt metabolic function.
  • Standing increases muscle activity and promotes more movement throughout the day.

Scott DeskScott got the idea to transform his desk while searching the internet. “Most of the stand-up desks that you find online are anywhere from $200 – 400. I made mine for only $40.”  All the materials used to build this “stand up desk” were bought from IKEA. Two end tables were used to create the base, a shelf meant to hang on the wall was attached to the end tables was used to hold the keyboard.

“You want the middle of the computer screen to be eye level and your arms should be at a 90 degree angle when your hands are resting on the keyboard.”

This simple and inexpensive desk Scott created sparked curiosity in his co-workers. There are now seven other employees in the AIS department who have created their own stand up desk. The science behind the stand-up desk is still evolving, but it is clear that there are many positives to gain by “standing up” at your desk.

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Online wellness resources available by Health Adovcate

SPC´s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work/Life services are offered through Health Advocate, formerly called Corporate Care Works. The EAP and Work/Life program provides comprehensive and professional assistance to help you lead a happier and more productive life at home and at work. healthadvocate-app-logo

  • Services are available to you, your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.
  • Certified counselors can help you cope with stress, family problems, grief, conflicts, alcohol/ drug problems and other issues
  • Specialists can provide help and referrals to appropriate services for childcare, eldercare, legal concerns, financial issues, and parenting and adoption

The Health Advocate website is packed with useful, interactive information:


All SPC budgeted employees and their families are eligible for this  benefit, even if they are not covered through a college insurance plan.

Feel free to contact Steve Malla, Wellness Coordinator, at 727-341-3083 with any questions.

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Free access to Carillon Wellness Center in July 2014

During the month of July, St. Petersburg College employees can use the Carillon Wellness Center for FREE!

That’s right, no fee! Bring this flyer to the Carillon Wellness Center front desk during the month of July and receive a guest pass good until the end of the month!mn

During your free month enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art equipment for all your cardiovascular and strength training needs including free weights.
  • Over 50 group exercise classes a week with very experienced and high-energy instructors. Examples are Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Total Body Toning and a Cycling theater that is very unique with an added video element as part of the class experience.
  • Luxury Locker Rooms and Towel Services
  • Extended hours Monday through Friday (4 am – 11 pm) and 6 am – 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Access to the all 3 BayCare Wellness Centers
  • Some of our fee-based extended services include a Kids Zone, massage therapy, personal training, Kinesis fitness classes, TRX suspension training and private nutrition consultations.

For more information call (727) 502-4444 or stop by for a tour today!  Guests are required to complete a voluntary participation waiver.  Guest Pass will be dated from the date the waiver is completed until the end of the month. Offer valid for new members only.


After your free trial, if you decide to join the Carillon Wellness Center, there is no enrollment fee and you will receive all that our membership includes to help you reach your health and wellness goals!


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