Employee loses 40 lbs. with help from SPC Wellness

During the fall 2013 semester, SPC Wellness piloted a weight-loss competition for employees at the Clearwater Campus called The Ultimate Loser. This 12-week challenge offered a schedule of educational seminars and exercise programs for nearly 40 participants.

Mary & Tom La Pierre before picture.

Mary & Tom La Pierre before picture.

Tom LaPierre, Security Officer, made a decision to lose weight.  He made sure to attend each class and apply the strategies to his lifestyle.

“The Ultimate Loser is what kick started my weight loss” said Tom. “I learned a lot of helpful new information from that program.”

Tom combined his participation in the program with scheduling an appointment with the registered dietician during an on-campus opportunity.

“I really took a lot away from that meeting. I was eating some of the right foods, but my portion sizes were way off.” Tom now cooks healthy dinners for himself and his wife Mary LaPierre, Student Services Specialist, at SPC.

Inspired by her husband, Mary is now currently participating in the Ultimate Loser program at the EpiCenter.

Every semester Tom participates in the Wellness Challenge that is offered at SPC.

“I really enjoy setting wellness goals for myself and being able to achieve them.”  He now makes workouts a priority and packs his gym bag every night before bed so he has it ready for the morning.

Tom really wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. He decided he was going to commit to it by changing bad, unhealthy habits into healthy ones.  He now appreciates the benefits of just doing a little yard work.

Tom after losing 40 lbs.

Tom after losing 40 lbs.

“I cut out late night snacking and make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day.”

Since last fall, Tom has gone from 286 pounds to 246 pounds and his cholesterol has dropped significantly.

“My doctor was amazed by my progress when I went back to see her.”

Tom says the best benefit of losing weight is “not having to go to the big man’s section anymore.” He has more energy throughout the day and is able to participate in the physical activities that he finds enjoyable.

“Employees should really consider participating in the SPC Wellness programs that are offered for free. We have some really helpful resources available that could change a person’s life.”


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Mental Health Seminars coming to each SPC Campus

Mental HealthBeing Resilient in a changing world: Tools for coping and thriving in a changing world

This educational opportunity will:

  • Explain that resilience is the capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe.
  • Provide ideas and tools to cope with stress and changes.
  • Explain factors that contribute to resilience.
  • Provide resources to assist you in becoming more resilient.

Important – and convenient:

  • Seminar led by Seamus Allman, Baycare Mental Health Counselor.
  • Check out Seamus Allman’s interview during a taping of SPC’s Living Well.
  • SPC employees should receive supervisor approval to participate for the time beyond their normally scheduled break.
  • You’re welcome to “brown-bag it” and bring your lunch.


  • Participation in this program is worth 5 points in the Wellness Rewards Program.
  • Personal Enrichment credit will be given in SkillPort.

Who’s invited:

  • Any SPC employee, their dependent(s), students, and SPC partners.
  • SPC is committed to working with employees and their families for leading healthier lifestyles.






May 12

10 am



May 13

10 am

EpiCenter Tech Bldg.


May 14

11 am

Caruth Health Education


May 15

12 pm

Allstate Center


May 20

10 am

SPC Downtown


May 21

11 am

St. Petersburg/Gibbs


May 22

11 am



May 29

12 pm

Tarpon Springs


All sessions are 45- 60 minutes.


Pre-registration is required.  Register through Skillport, SPC’s online training system.

1.     Log on to MYSPC

2.     Select Skillport on the left-side menu.

3.     Select Catalog on the left-side menu.

4.     Select SPC Professional Development Instructor Led Training.

5.     Select Wellness.

6.     Select Being Resilient in a Changing World: SPC Wellness.

7.     Select the drop down menu Sessions.

8.     Select the session of your choice and then click the Enroll.

Click here for more information on SPC’s online training system and for video tutorials on how to navigate the system.

Interested in other Wellness offerings?

Check out the SPC Wellness Events Calendar.

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Dr. Law to compete in Boston Marathon

Running ClubThe Boston Marathon is an annual 26.2 mile run hosted by several cities around the Boston area.

This is an elite-level event which requires competitors to run a minimum qualifying time based on their age group to be eligible for participation.

Dr. Law, President of St. Petersburg College, has competed in this race multiple times in the past and will be participating again this year.

Timely updates will be posted on the wellness blog for the following checkpoints in his run: 15K, half, 35k and finishing time.

If you would like to follow every update throughout his run please click HERE.  Search last name “Law” and first name “William”.


15K:  Completed in 1:20:03 (one hour, 20 minutes, 3 seconds)

Half: Completed in 1:55:40 (one hour, 55 minutes, 40 seconds)

35K: Completed in 3:48:33 (3 hours, 48 minutes, 33 seconds)

Finish: Completed in 5:07:35 (5 hours, 7 minutes, 35 seconds)

Congratulations to Dr. Law on completing the Boston Marathon!!

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Clearwater Campus Tai Chi Class Ending

tai chiThe Clearwater Campus Tai Chi Class is no longer being offered on Thursday afternoons at 4:45 p.m.

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Sherri Kent-Roberts: “I made a vow to become healthy”

Article on SPC employee Sherri Kent-Roberts, published in the Tampa Bay Tribune on April 4, 2014


I Lost It: ‘I made a vow to become healthy’

Sherri Roberts, 51, Largo

HEIGHT: 5-foot-7



WHY I DID IT: I have struggled with being overweight most of my life. I remember as a child in elementary school not wanting to show anyone my report card as the school nurse always recorded our weight on the back. My good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at the age of 40. This was something she had no control over. I made a vow to become healthy, as my weight IS something I have control over.

HOW I DID IT: Weight Watchers has always been the program I would turn to for weight loss help. It is the most realistic weight loss program. In the past after losing weight, I would make the mistake of returning to my old eating habits. My husband and I both made a commitment to become lifetime members. We support each other. We go to the gym together and give one another boosts when needed. On nights that he doesn’t feel like going to the gym, I encourage him to go with me and he does the same for me.

HURDLES: Weekends, holidays, birthdays, vacations, visitors … you name it, and there is an excuse to not follow the program. I learned that it can take weeks to make up for those holiday or weekend indulgences. After looking at Weight Watchers as a lifestyle vs. a “diet” to go and off, this is when things clicked.

GOING THE DISTANCE: I plan to lose 17 more pounds, which will bring me to lifetime status. Attending weekly meetings will ALWAYS be a part of my life. This is the key to maintaining weight loss.

BEST ADVICE: There are a couple of lines that I use as reminders:

♦ The more I can control my eating, the more I can control my life.

♦ Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

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