TurnItIn Tutorials for D2L

TurnItIn has been a widely used feature in ANGEL and will continue to be available as we migrate to D2L in the coming months. The tutorials below will demonstrate how to enable this feature on your dropbox folders in D2L as well as how to view the reports generated once your students submit.

Enabling TurnItIn on a New Dropbox

Enabling TurnItIn on an Existing Dropbox

Viewing Originality Report as an Instructor

Viewing Originality Report as a Student



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Gradebook Tips

The Desire2Learn gradebook has a number of features that make managing the grades for students more effective. The list below outlines four of these features.

  1. Once the due or end date has been reached for an assignment, it is a good idea to push a zero into the grade item for those students that did not complete the assignment. This insures that a student has a true grade to date for the course. There is a batch process for doing this: Batch Process for Pushing Zeros into the Gradebook.
  2. The Final Calculated Grade (overall grade for a student) does not display by default. If you do not release this grade item to the students, they will not know their overall grade. It is a simple process: Releasing the Final Calculated Grade.
  3. The gradebook view from an instructor’s point of view is very different than a students. You can get a preview of the student’s view of the gradebook without ever having to login as a student. You can preview each individual student: Preview of Student View of the Gradebook.
  4. Sending an email reminder to students who have not completed an assignment can sometimes push the student to get the assignment completed before the due or end date. This task can be completed within the gradebook: How to Send Email Reminder to Student.
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Changes to the D2L Email Tool

We have received some great feedback since the official Summer Pilot launch of D2L on May 19th and we are using your feedback to improve the system. One area where major changes have occurred is with the email tool in D2L. Please see below for more information on these changes.

Much of the feedback we have received revolves around using and filtering the address book in D2L. To help alleviate some concerns, we have made several changes.

  • Many faculty contacted us about the number of pages they had in their address which was causing confusion. This was caused by your enrollment in the Introduction to MyCourses course as well as the D2L Basics course. Disabling the address books in both of these courses reduced the number of pages in your address book.
  • By default, the address book also showed groups and sections in the filtering options which made for a very long list for some faculty. To reduce the scroll time, we unchecked this default option. If you would like to restore this for your account, please go to Email -> Settings -> Allow filtering messages and contacts on group enrollment.
  • We did receive some calls from faculty saying that their students had sent an email to an external address which was not listed in the address book. This caused issues with the filtering and made the emails difficult to track. This feature has now been disabled for students.
  • Many faculty and students have chosen to forward their messages outside of D2L into a personal account allowing them to receive email notifications to their phones. Just a reminder that, although the email is forwarded to your personal account, you must log into D2L in order to respond to it. To address this issue, we have added the following tag line to all email messages “Attention: If you wish to respond to this message, you must do so using MyCourses Email.”
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St. Petersburg College’s Next Generation Learning Management System

We are excited to announce that SPC has chosen Desire2Learn (D2L) as the college’s new learning management system (LMS). D2L will begin to replace ANGEL in a college-wide transition starting in 2014.

Desire2Learn Chosen as St. Petersburg New Learning Management System

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Trouble Composing Emails, Discussions, or Announcements in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer recently released a new version, Internet Explorer 11, which has caused issues with several tools in ANGEL, including email, discussions, and announcements. To resolve these issues, switch to an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome or place Internet Explorer into Compatibility Mode which will allow it to work properly with ANGEL. See links below for downloads and tutorials.


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