New MyCourses Training Opportunity – Quick Guide Webinars

A new training opportunity is coming from Online Learning and Services called Quick Guide Webinars. These will begin the week of Nov. 10. Quick Guide Webinars will be short, focused 30-minute sessions targeted on a specific tool within MyCourses. Each Quick Guide Webinar will provide faculty with step-by-step and video tutorials. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend. The first sessions will be on:

  • Attendance Tool
  • Creating groups and understanding the types of group enrollments
  • Reading, replying and sending email via the Classlist and Email Settings
  • Managing the email inbox within MyCourses

The schedule and information on how to register will be announced during the week of Nov. 3. Please watch your SPC email and the Blue and White for this information. Please note that these sessions are meant to supplement the MyCourses Faculty Certification Course, not replace it.

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Access to ANGEL after Dec. 18, 2014

A number of concerns have been raised about instructors’ ability to access content on ANGEL after Dec. 18. The ANGEL server will continue to be accessible as an archive to faculty and to students who received an incomplete for the fall semester.

Once the LMS maintenance window is completed on Dec. 18, ANGEL will no longer be found at its current web address as that address will be redirected to MyCourses. Anyone wishing to access ANGEL after Dec. 18 will need to go to

The ANGEL environment will continue to be available for emergency purposes until the end of the Spring semester – May 8, 2015 – to allow sufficient time for students to finish their grades of incomplete. After May 8, the college’s ANGEL licensing will expire and the system will no longer be available. The college will retain access to courses in zip files which will be available upon request. If you have any questions or concerns please email

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Service Pack 10 Installed – What this Means for You

Service Pack 10 will be installed on Monday, Sept. 15. Service Packs are installed to resolve currently known issues with the system. Service Pack 10 will resolve the following issues:

  • Users no longer encounter an error when they open dropbox submission feedback files through Content.
  • The Print option in Content now correctly prints multiple pages for HTML topics.
  • In User Progress, the time spent in Content correctly displays number of days in addition to hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • When accessing Discussions topics through the Content area, users are now brought to the top of the page they navigate to.
  • Duplicate Calendar events are no longer created during the copy course process.
  • Users can now successfully open dropbox submission feedback files through User Progress.


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Student Survey of Instruction Now Available

The Student Survey of Instruction (SSI) has been automatically populated to your courses for the Fall semester in D2L. By default, the SSI will appear in a module titled Student Survey at the bottom of your Table of Contents.



Can I move the SSI to another area in my course?


Video: Rearranging Content

What are the dates for my SSI?

Website: SSI Administrative Dates

How do I adjust the dates for my SSI?

Step-By-Step: Changing Your SSI Dates


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Releasing Final Grades in MyCourses

The Final Calculated Grade (overall grade for a student) does not display by default. If you do not release this grade item to the students, they will not know their overall grade as they progress through the course during the semester. Releasing the final grade to your students is a simple process: Releasing the Final Calculated Grade. You will need to do this in each of the courses you are teaching in MyCourses each semester.

Also, check out the links below for some additional tips on managing your gradebook in MyCourses.

  1. Once the due or end date has been reached for an assignment, it is a good idea to push a zero into the grade item for those students that did not complete the assignment. This insures that a student has a true grade to date for the course. There is a batch process for doing this: Batch Process for Pushing Zeros into the Gradebook.
  2. The gradebook view from an instructor’s point of view is very different than a students. You can get a preview of the student’s view of the gradebook without ever having to login as a student. You can preview each individual student: Preview of Student View of the Gradebook.
  3. Sending an email reminder to students who have not completed an assignment can sometimes push the student to get the assignment completed before the due or end date. This task can be completed within the gradebook: How to Send Email Reminder to Student.
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