University of South Florida St Petersburg


Bachelors - Blended

Economics analyzes the behavior, policies and laws of individuals, firms and political institutions, seeking to understand how these economic factors determine the allocation of resources. Economics provides much of the theoretical underpinnings for the other business disciplines. By studying economics you gain a solid foundation of economic theory and applications that enable you to analyze and understand many issues from an economic perspective.

Business Administration

Masters - Blended

The intent of this program is to prepare you for a lifetime of opportunities, not just your next job. The USF MBA curriculum is continually evaluated for its strength and relevance to changing global issues, business ethics, cultural diversity and the innovation of technology. The program is taught through a participative and experiential based curriculum.

Educational Leadership Development

Masters - Blended

The M.Ed. program in Educational Leadership Development is designed for teachers and other practicing school professionals who want to earn a master's degree and Florida K-12 Instructional Leadership certification. The program is fully approved by the Florida Department of Education and its constructivist, standards-based approach to studying school leadership provides a balance between theory and practice. It is structured to build the requisite skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) and enable graduates to be effective leaders in today's educational settings. Course design and scheduling address the needs of working professionals and candidates.