Become an Elite Educator with Pinellas County Schools

Our Elite Educator Program - a partnership between St. Petersburg College and Pinellas County Schools - is changing the way teachers learn to teach. This program prepares you to teach grades K-6 and gives you an endorsement in ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Reading. This program lets you hit the ground running by tailoring general education classes to equip you to teach a variety of subjects.

Why is this different?

  • Students will be admitted in cohorts and will take all their classes together.
  • Students will have a coach who will mentor and advise them throughout the entire program.
  • Students will have monthly seminars on effective teaching during the four-year program.
  • Students will assimilate themselves in the classroom through extensive field placements from the beginning of the program.
  • General education classes will be taught by faculty who will assist future teachers in closing the gap between content attainment and delivery of content to learners.
  • During the first two years, students will take, in addition to the FL mandated prerequisite teacher education courses, a series of courses designed specifically for educators. Existing teacher education programs do not offer these courses until the third and fourth year.
  • Students will be better prepared in all subjects, especially math and science, to work with all students, including Exceptional Students and English Language Learners.
  • Students will take courses in child and adolescent development, teaching students with exceptionalities and curriculum integration. They will also have opportunities to implement the strategies they learn, beginning the first year.

If you successfully complete the Elementary Education degree program in four years, you will receive:

  • Employment: A job with Pinellas County Schools upon completion of a PCS internship
  • Paid internship: Monetary incentives upon completion of a PCS internship

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