Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you launching a new website?

This website is specifically designed to be used by prospective students - individuals who are considering attending St. Petersburg College. This site emphasizes the college's marketing efforts so that we can attract new students and connect with the community.

Will I be able to find what I need on this website?
This website is only intended for "New-to SPC," prospective students and the community. However, we want you to be able to find information that you need quickly and within the systems you already use.

For convenience and ease of use, faculty, staff and current students are encouraged to continue using the website at This is "YOUR" SPC website and still contains all of the information that has traditionally been on the SPC website. It will also continue to be updated. If you need changes to content on the site, you can continue to send them to

Please bookmark the site for easy access. You can also access this site from the " Site" tile on the Staff Login page, and from the footer of the site, under "Connect," at the link that reads "Current Student, Faculty and Staff Website."

I'm a current student. Where do I find my information?
The ultimate goal is to house all student information within MySPC. Current students can access MySPC through the student login, which can be found at the top right-hand side of both and You can then bookmark your login page.

I'm still having trouble. Where can I go for help?
You can access the Student Services Hub within MyCourses, or access the current student, faculty and staff website by substituting the word "go" for the "www". For example, will become

What if I have a complaint or suggestion about the website or the student portal?
You can submit information here.