Fall Wellness Challenge Begins Oct. 11

 The fall 2010 Wellness Challenge begins Monday, Oct. 11. SPC employees are encouraged to participate to enhance their lifestyles. The challenge no longer is required for discounted health insurance but instead is an opportunity to earn prizes through the Wellness Warrior’s Rewards Program (details to follow in the Oct. 6 Blue & White).

This program fits the needs of all employees.  Employees may participate individually or as part of a six-person team, and will complete a survey tracking progress in wellness activities and healthy lifestyle choices. Although the survey is electronic, a paper copy also is available from Wellness Coordinator Steve Malla. 

Employees interested in being part of a team but do not yet have one have the opportunity to be paired with five other employees from the same campus. And unlike previous wellness challenges, employees can create goals and award themselves bonus points this term. Many of the wellness links have been updated for new opportunities to stay motivated. The links provide helpful information on such topics as nutrition, physical fitness and mental well-being.

The Wellness Challenge will continue to record activities and choices on a daily and weekly basis to award wellness points. Government recommendations through websites such as U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control are used to determine goals and the points system. The goals are valuable guides that every American can use to tailor his or her lifestyle. The point system is a strategic incentive to reach your goals. 

To participate in the fall 2010 Wellness Challenge:

  1. Register online
  2. Download the tracker sheet
  3. Begin tracking your efforts
  4. E-mail your tracker sheet to wellnesschallenge@spcollege.edu.
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47 Responses to Fall Wellness Challenge Begins Oct. 11

  1. Christine Pribyl says:

    Has anyone noticed, as we get older, the rules change as to what is good for us and what is not? Run, get your heart rate up – No, walk because you will pound your body to death running. Eggs yummo – No! too much cholesterol – No, it’s ok to eat eggs now! Ditto with coffee, red wine, chocolate, even beer. Here’s the latest and I got this directive from my general physician at my annual checkup yesterday – ladies do not take calcium supplements to combat osteoporosis – take plain Vitamin D instead. He said this is the polar opposite of the mantra for the past 20 years. What they have discovered/decided is that while Vitamin D is known to help your body utilize calcium, if your D level is low, all your calcium ingested is not being utilized and is instead causing cardiac problems after long-term use. My bloodwork indicated my D was low. So, I have been directed to take 2000 mg of plain D per day (fortunately it is very inexpensive), and no calcium supplements at all. Calcium should only come from one’s diet, and the increase in Vitamin D will help my body use it properly. Go figure. Of course, being in the sun is good for Vitamin D production, but our dermatologists will yell at us if they see us in the sun!!!

  2. John Dressback says:

    Remember–fitness does not end after this week. Continue with your good, healthy habits. Continue to exercise through the holidays. Eat in moderation. Stay away from all the sugar, candy and desserts. It takes will power but YOU CAN DO IT. Stay strong. Do not undo what you have worked hard to accomplish. Stay motivated and dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising for life.

    Stay happy–stay positive–stay healthy and exercise


  3. James Olliver says:

    Well were getting close to the finish line, and have developed good wellness habits just in time to stay focused on and on-message during the holiday season. If we can make these good habits the priority, we’ll avoid getting run down and be able to enjoy and renew during the holiday break. I can’t wait!

  4. John Dressback says:

    Inspire others to be the best they can be by being the best YOU can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. John Dressback says:

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Continue your healthy lifestyle each and every day of your life. In the U.S. 85% of all deaths prior to the age of 65 are preventable and unnecessary. This is attributed to the lifestyle most Americans lead. How can we prevent this? Simple–change our lifestyles. We have been given only one body to care of and not abuse. Every day is a gift. Be happy, continue to exercise and eating healthy. Exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle SLOWS down the aging process.


  6. Christine Pribyl says:

    I agree with Dr. Olliver that the Depression subject was too depressing to blog on, so I’m back here. I just want to commend all the members of Guns and Hoses because our fitness center at AC was off limits/under construction/repair for almost 2 weeks. Even so, our members found other ways to exercise either at home, or at lunch. Several went for noon time runs. Others took dumbbells and exercise balls into our “green room”. some of us went down the street to Gold’s gym. In other words, where there is a will there is a way. Way to go!!!

  7. Kay Burniston says:

    I tried the Vita tops, they are pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion Julie.
    All sorts of good ideas to share and learn. Looking forward to trying the zucchini soup

  8. James Olliver says:

    I was going to blog on the “depression” post, but that was too… depressing. Actually this wellness challenge addresses many of the items there, as you all know, but as several in this stream have noted, it is the discipline that really matters. During the challenges I’m on the exercise bike every night for 30 — only missed one night (and still got 10 minutes in then) over the three weeks. Same was true for last spring’s challenge. Between challenges: it was always very easy to find an excuse!

  9. Celeste DiDio says:

    An alternative to plain water is flavored seltzer – still get the feeling of soda but nothing else!
    Can’t believe we are already in week 3 – doing the chart daily helps keep me on track and conscientious.

  10. John Dressback says:

    The thing to remember here Kids, is the fact you are not just doing this for yourself, but for the ones you love. You do it for your kids and grandkids and spouses. You do it for LIFE. You do it for the health of it. You do it because of the way it makes you feel. You do it because it improves the way you look. You do it because you sleep better at night. You do it because you are more confident. You do it because your life is more complete and you like that feeling. It is an exercise HIGH. You do it because YOU WANT TO. Keep it up and NEVER, NEVER QUIT.


  11. Joanna Belanger says:

    I am missing Butter…. and Potatoes, trying to do the lower Carb thing, which is difficult for me!

    Last night I made a Zucchini soup to go along with dinner, the chicken bouillon helped to pretend it had butter in it. It’s quick and easy to make and delicious too.

    4 Chopped Zucchini
    1 Chopped White Onion
    1.5 Cups Water
    1 Chicken Bouillon Cube
    Pepper to taste

    Boil for approx. 15 minutes on high, then mash & serve.

    It is even good poured over barbequed chicken, it makes it nice and moist and almost like a gravy.

  12. Christine Pribyl says:

    It was good seeing more teams listed on the points totals for Week 2 – welcome all. I find myself being more cognizant of the water and fruits and vegetables servings required to get the max # of points. The rest comes easy. If anyone would like some easy and healthy recipes for fish, I have plenty. Feel free to email me and I will share them. Our freezer is always stocked with a lot of snapper and grouper. It is very easy to come home and make a great meal that is nutritious!

  13. John Dressback says:

    Stay happy–stay positive–stay healthy and exercise


  14. Joanna Belanger says:

    Walking the “Creaky Bones” For Arthritis Walk this evening at St. Pete Pier. It’s a good cause, and should be good fun too. Especially as we get to wear our costumes. I have roped my whole family in – Can’t wait!!!

  15. Sue Sohn says:

    Vita Tops are AWESOME – Banana nut for me :) The changes of 4 flight of stairs, more water, trying to close the eyes and brain to sleep – yikes- is beginning to take effect for my goal to improve. This 3rd week gives a determination of team fun and accountability to me to stay on target. Thank you! Downtown GETS Physical with winning points!!!!

  16. Yvonne Ulmer says:


    Thanks for the great suggestion! I will give the “vitatops” a try.
    A couple of friends and I are preparing to walk the Women’s 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 21. We walked 7 miles last Saturday and will add one mile each Saturday until the time of the event. I’m looking forward to adding those Bonus points to make up for some “not so good days.” :)

  17. Christine Pribyl says:

    I think everyone who went to Prof Dev Day yesterday can count that as Stress Relief because it was a nice change of pace and the weather was very cooperative. It was good to see some faces I had not seen for a while. I attended the last session on sports medicine, and was able to bring back a flyer about a free performance training seminar plus a small first-aid kit for all my team members that they can keep it in the glove box, golf bag, gym bag, etc. It was also great to see the food available yesterday was of a healthy variety (well, except for the cookie and chips!), with plenty of water bottles nearby.

  18. Tom McKanna says:

    Okay, I heard the challenge yesterday (between the lines of course) from Dr. Law mentioning that he is a marathoner. He does look pretty fit. Maybe he’ll be a sub for our team. But I do like it that he is supportive of, interested in, and running along side us (figuratively) as we blog through this wellness campaign. Kind of inspiring huh? Can we get extra points for a ‘president’? And what about SPC “sponsoring” some teams in local races?

  19. Julie Carr says:

    If you like chocolate, but want something healthier, try deep chocolate “vitatops”. You can find them next to the frozen waffles in Publix. They are 100 cal, only 1.5 grams fat, include NINE grams fiber, and 4 grams protein! They are delicious warmed up in the microwave and really help meet those chocolate cravings! They are a little pricey, but sometimes show up on the buy-one-get-one list at Publix. Enjoy!

  20. Yvonne Ulmer says:

    I am finding that being a part of a wellnees team is very helpful and motivating. It’s an opportunity to share ideas about how to overcome the challenges we may be facing like getting bland water down, as Joanna has mentioned. My teammates today helped me with suggestions on getting the 4 – 5 servings of fruits and vegtables included in my diet. It is great to have others cheering you on and supporting your efforts!

  21. Joanna Belanger says:

    I don’t like water at all – Thank goodness for Crystal Light, On the Go (Thanks Vivian!!!)
    My goal is to NOT be out of breath when I reach the 4th floor taking the stairs.

  22. Carol Weideman says:

    The Bean Counters from SPG Math department are participating as a team again – go team!

  23. Ginny White says:

    We are into week 2 already… can you believe it!! For me, the Wellness Challenge is doing exactly as I had hoped. It is keeping me on track and accountable. YEAH! I wouldn’t dare sign up for something and then not do what is required. I hope that by the end of this challenge, I find or connect with another accountability tool that will help keep me on track with my personal health goals. Is anyone posting to the other goal topics, or just to the first one that comes up? There is a lot of good information and inspiration out there but it seems that the last postings were in the spring. Good luck to all!!!

  24. John Dressback says:

    Being physically fit is the foundation for life. It gives you “the edge.” It makes you more mentally prepared for life and is the foundation for success. You look good–you feel good.

  25. Kelly Rich says:

    O.k.. so.. week one complete for the Wellness Challenge! I am down 4 pounds. I didn’t realize how much easier a diet and excersise program would be when I have to be held accountable. I am thinking perhaps I would be successful at Weight Watchers. It’s not easy though because I have a true addiction to chocolate and bread.. I have reduced carbs and limited chocolate.. not an easy feat! I’m not on a team but have gotten my husband to join in on the challenge!!

  26. Christine Pribyl says:

    I agree with Dress because if I lose a day and do not run or strength train, I feel like a slug (unless I am ill!)….exercising is part of my daily routine, and it is how I start my day and/or spend lunchtime. So that part of the challenge is not an issue for me. But I pay more attention to the water, fruits & veg intake, etc. during the challenge than I do other times. I have found that during non-challenge time, I still will refer to the Wellness guidelines and try to keep on even keel.

  27. John Dressback says:

    So it begins. Guns & Hoses are all ready to defend our crown with our brand new Guns & Hoses Fitness Center. Hopefully everyone continues leading a healthy lifestyle and working out even when there are no challenges. As my fellow 62 1/2 year old teammate Tom says, you must be consistent and disciplined. A day without working out is like a day with the Florida sunshine.

  28. Kay Burniston says:

    One of the hardest part of the challenge is the blogging. Seems as though, we’re counting our vegetables, our glasses of water, amd exercising, it’s hard to find time to blog

  29. Vivian O'Dell says:

    Yeah Team! Downtown Gets Physical is ready to go!! I’m not quite ready for spandex, Erin, but group activities with our team is a great idea. Yvonne, I hope you are walking those decks, and racking up the miles!! The challenge is on!!

  30. Deborah Eldridge says:

    Hello everyone,

    Here we are again with the Wellness Challenge and I’m hoping to get all my points each day for water intake. That’s still an isssue for me. I can’t seem to stay consistent. Any suggestions are welcome.

    For anyone interested, Robin Wilbur and I are planning to run the Women’s 1/2 Marathon scheduled for Nov. 21 in downtown St. Pete. That means I need to step up my traning.

    The more the merrier. There’s a 5K run that day as well.

    Good luck to everyone, but, go “We Mean Business!”

  31. Mary Hoover says:

    Good luck to all of the participants! I welcome the reminder to incorporate sound choices into our daily lifestyle. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

  32. Yvonne Ulmer says:

    The “Downtown Gets Physical” Team rocks! I am on a cruise, but in touch with my teammates. There is plenty of water, fruits, vegtables, and a fitness center on board.
    I am racking up the points. BE AFRAID! :)

  33. Christine Pribyl says:

    Yes, Tom, Guns & Hoses members are committed to supporting each other even if we are sick…..LOL!!!!!……let’s see, we have had (in the past) one with pneumonia, one with knee surgery, one always saying it’s too warm in the gym (haha), but somehow we always finish strong. Seeing as how all of us with the exception of one are over age 50, that’s saying something.

  34. Erin Senack says:

    As a Downtown Gets Physical team member, I suggested that we break out the spandex (old school-style)! We are Downtown and ready to get down. So, a toast (of H20) to all of us involved in achieving holistic wellness. See you at the finish line! :)

  35. Tricia Gorham says:

    Look out everyone the Vet Techs are enrolled this year and we are a healthy bunch. Good luck everyone

  36. Karen Kroeker says:

    Like Francine and many others, I was enrolled and successfully completed the wellness program last year. I feel it is helpful to have the tracker “remind” us of what we should be doing daily; at the end of the challenge, I do believe I will have developed at least another good habit or two that will stay with me. It does make you think more about excercising and eating healthier!
    Karen Kroeker

  37. Sue Sohn says:

    In an effort to improve my own wellness, this is a great opportunity to join the fun with life benefits. Sleep at night and tracking my water is my first week’s goal. It’s hard to say coffee and water are the same, but I’ll work on it. Our Downtown Gets Physical Team is after the Trophy! Go Team!

  38. Veronica Carroll says:

    I’m excited to participate in the Wellness Challenge for the first time as a member of the Van Go Gos! Tracking points has already helped with my motivation to eat more fruits and vegetables:)

  39. Anna Goree says:

    Being able to access the Wellness Challenge Tracker sheet helps me stay mindful to eat more fruits and veggies. And, hopefully, I’ll stay well!

  40. Francine Fuentes says:

    Although I was enrolled and successfully completed the wellness program last year, I was a bit reluctant to do so again due to schedules, etc….. however, seeing all of the vegetables consumed by my peers in the College of Education Tarpon Springs Campus, I was inspired to sign up as an individual and follow the V-8 route…..Veggies, swimming, stair climbing and lots of dancing…..

  41. Tom McKanna says:

    DISCIPLINE & CONSISTENCY…. those are the keys to fitness according to the experts, and not the LEVEL of intensity. People often start out strong and then experience burn out. Much like those sprinting out of the gate for a marathon. That’s why teamwork is important as we all go through cycles of inconsistency. The Guns & Hoses at AC are unique in providing a strong support system to each member…. even when they’re sick. Thanks!!

  42. Martha Dessipe says:

    Weight No More Team, St. Petersburg Collegiate High School (SPCHS), is looking forward for the challenge once again. Welcome everybody! PEACE!

    Go Team!

  43. Jimmy Hester says:

    Watch out, here come the Downtown Heroes! I never knew how much water I actually drank until I started keeping track of it. At least one of these lines is going to be easy.

  44. Vonda Woods says:

    Busy Services team is committed to making some life style changes. Go Team!!!

  45. Jennifer Chen says:

    This is cool, I am all for the extra points. Some of the stuff we do on this should be life changing. You do it long enough, and it becomes a habit. I am on a team and we don’t know what our team name will be…just yet. As soon as I find out…Go Team!!!

  46. Brandy Stark says:

    Gibbs campus Humanities department is going in as a team this fall. We’re the Van Go Gos! Looking forward!

  47. Debbi Joseph says:

    Here we go! The College of Education Clearwater Campus team is named “KOA” (which stands for “Keeping Our Athleticism.”) At least that’s what we want other teams to “think” it stands for. :-) We are going for a 3-peat as the team from Clearwater with the most points. GOOOOOOOOO KOA!!! Good luck to all!

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