University of Florida

Doctorate - Blended

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy offers a four-year distance education program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. It is a 2+4 program of study with a two-year degree as a minimal requirement for admission, plus certain prerequisites and the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT). The educational program is offered at the UPC Seminole Campus, and utilizes distance-education technologies such as Web-based course materials, streaming video lectures, e-mail and Internet discussion groups. In addition, students attend regularly scheduled course discussion sessions held at the UPC Seminole Campus of St. Petersburg College. Students can complete their first two years of the Associate in Arts degree at St. Petersburg College prior to entering the program.

The UF College of Pharmacy is in the process of 'teaching-out' and is no longer accepting new applicants for this location. However, students who are currently enrolled and attending classes here will be able to complete the program at the UPC Seminole Campus.