How to qualify for summer financial aid

In order to qualify for summer financial aid, make sure to complete the correct year's FAFSA. Summer is considered a trailer at SPC, meaning that it falls at the end of the award year. 

Plan to enroll for summer classes early and once enrolled, maintain your level of enrollment. If you choose to register for classes that do not complete requirements of your current degree program, those classes will not be used in the calculation of your financial aid awards. Your Cost of Attendance will be adjusted to your actual level of enrollment. This may cause financial aid award amounts to be adjusted and could result in reduction or removal of loans or other financial aid.

What may I qualify for?  
Financial aid available for the summer term includes:
Federal Pell Grant
Federal Direct Student Loans

Limited funds may be available for the following:
Federal SEOG
Florida Student Assistance Grant
SPC Student Incentive Grant
Federal Work Study

Pell Grant
Your Pell Grant eligibility will be determined automatically. If you are enrolled, the amount will be based on your actual enrollment.  If you are not enrolled, the amount will be based on projected enrollment. You do not need to complete a Summer 2024 Student Loan Request to determine eligibility for summer grants. Your Pell Grant eligibility is based on the number of credits you were paid in fall 2023 and/or spring 2024 and your summer enrollment.

Additional Pell Grant available for summer term!
The US Department of Education will allow students to receive additional Pell Grant awards. Students can receive a 2nd Pell award (Pell 2) up to their regular scheduled full-time term award. Even if you received Pell for full-time enrollment for both fall and spring, you can still receive Pell for the summer term. In order to receive a Pell 2 award, students must:

  • Be otherwise eligible for financial aid (i.e. meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, not be in repayment of federal funds, etc.
  • Have fully used the initial scheduled Pell award (Pell 1)
  • Be enrolled at least half-time (6+ credit hours) for summer term

Enroll now and receive your Pell 2 award!

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship
Florida Academic Scholars and Florida Medallion Scholars may receive summer term funding. Eligibility will be determined automatically. You must meet the Bright Futures eligibility requirements in order to receive the funds. If you are enrolled in a minimum of six (6) college-level credit hours, the amount of your award will be based on your actual enrollment. Awarding will begin in April once Financial Assistance Services receives the summer Bright Futures eligibility list from the Florida Department of Education. 2023-24 high school graduates cannot receive an award for the summer term until their official high school graduation date is showing on the SPC transcript.

Summer term funding is not available for Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars or Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars recipients. 

Student loans
Complete the Summer 2024 Student Loan Request if you would like to apply for Federal Direct Loans. Your loan award amounts will be based on enrollment (minimum of 6 credit hours), grade level, your Cost of Attendance and remaining eligibility of your aggregate and annual loan limits. Make sure to review the loans you received this year as compared to the yearly maximums for Federal Direct Loans.

When will I receive my summer awards? 
Summer financial aid packaging will begin the week of March 18, 2024 and will continue throughout the summer term. Students will begin receiving their financial aid refunds at the end of the fourth week of classes of the earliest term they are enrolled in. If your summer award(s) exceed your total charges for all summer terms, you will be entitled to use a Book Line of Credit to purchase books in the college bookstore.

What are some other important summer dates?  See the Academic Calendar and Financial Aid Dates.

What about Satisfactory Academic Progress? 
For those students on a Financial Aid Academic Plan or Financial Aid Warning, your financial aid is contingent on successful completion of your spring classes or your financial aid will be removed from your account.

What happens if I am enrolled, but I do not qualify for any financial aid? 
If it is determined that you are not eligible for financial aid, you are responsible for your educational expenses. Enrollment will be determined at the end of the Last Date to Drop with a Refund. If you do not drop your class(es) by this date, you will be charged for the class(es).

What if my schedule changes? 
If your summer class schedule changes, please contact Financial Assistance Services immediately at A$KFA$.

What about financial aid for summer transient students? 
Financial aid for summer transient students may be available through your home institution. See more information on transient student financial aid.