Committee meetings

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Number of meetings
Advisory committees meet at least twice a year. Additional meetings are held as needed for effective program coordination.

Committee leadership
A chairman and the academic program administrator lead each committee. These individuals form a core team that leads the committee's activities.

Role of the chairman
Advisory committee members elect a chairman for a term of one year. The chairman presides over committee meetings, acts as spokesperson and sets committee meeting dates. The chairman collaborates with the program administrator to prepare notices of meetings and agendas.

Role of the administrator
The academic program administrator acts as staff administrator to the committee and program chairman and provides information and advice about college rules and procedures. The program administrator distributes meeting notices, agendas and minutes to all members, including ex-officio members and site administrators.

Meeting minutes
Meeting minutes are maintained in the office of the senior vice president of Academic and Student Affairs. These minutes allow the college president to evaluate the effectiveness of the advisory committees.

Meeting notices and agendas
The chairman collaborates with the program administrator to prepare notices of meetings and agendas that are distributed before the meeting date.


An advisory committee plays an important role in maintaining and expanding the programs of the college by performing five major functions:

  • Assessing how the program meets the current occupational needs of employers.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on program curriculum and equipment.
  • Providing input to help prepare students for work in their chosen field.
  • Assisting in recruiting, providing internships and placing qualified graduates in appropriate jobs.
  • Expanding and enhancing St. Petersburg College's reputation in the community by fostering positive community relationships.

Committee structure

Each committee is comprised of five to 25 members. Ex-officio members of the committees include the senior vice president of Academic and Student Affairs or appointed representatives, plus program faculty and staff.


Advisory committees make recommendations to assist academic program leaders in developing and improving their programs. All recommendations submitted by the committee will be considered. The college issues reports to advisory committee members about the actions taken on committee recommendations.

Length of service

Advisory committee members are appointed to serve one-year terms beginning July 1 of the current year and ending on June 30 of the following year. To ensure continuity of the committee's activities, members may be reappointed to serve additional terms.

Advisory Committee Directory

For more information about SPC's Advisory Committees, contact Marilyn Browne 727-341-7187