Science programs

Scientific breakthroughs such as food production, preventive medicine, genetic cloning, petroleum mining and the discovery of new planets have helped define modern civilization. Scientific fields also provide some of the highest-paying jobs around. The Natural Sciences department at St. Petersburg College can give you the foundation for further science studies or open your eyes to the laws that govern the natural world.

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From anatomy to zoology, our Natural Science courses provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of science in your life. These courses, in biological, physical and health sciences, will help you meet general education requirements or prepare you for your bachelor's degree.

Our associate degree in Biotechnology Laboratory Technology and certificates in Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist and Laboratory Specialist give you the hands-on skills and experience you need to join growing fields. We also offer a Bachelor of Science in Biology, which prepares you for a career in health care, education, conservation, research or continued graduate work in medical, dental or veterinary school.

Science Degrees

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Tampa Bay Bridge to Baccalaureate Program

The Tampa Bay Bridge to Baccalaureate Program (B2B) is for SPC students who want to pursue degrees in STEM fields.
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