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Transient students

  • Incoming transient students are those who attend another institution but enroll at St. Petersburg College temporarily. Transient students can get ahead by taking classes at SPC for a much lower tuition rate.

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    In order to register for classes, SPC requires an approved transient student form from your home institution. Plan ahead so that SPC receives your approved form in time for registration. View class offerings for now. Transient students with approved forms can register for classes starting Nov. 29. Spring term classes start Jan. 13.

    If your home institution has chosen to participate as a Florida Virtual Campus institution, you can complete the process online. Follow the steps below to get started:

    Participating Florida public university or college students 

    1. Submit your transient form request online through Florida Virtual Campus. (Admission or readmission to SPC is included in this process.)
    2. After your home institution approves your transient form, it will be redirected to SPC.
    3. SPC will send you detailed instructions for registering for your approved classes. See registration options below.

    Other students (schools not listed on Florida Virtual Campus) 

    1. If you've never attended St. Petersburg College, apply to SPC as a (non-degree seeking) transient student and pay the $40 application fee.  If you have previously attended SPC, but have not enrolled in three or more terms, Login to MySPC and apply for readmission; you do not need to pay the $40 application fee again.
    2. Request that an approved transient student form be sent to SPC from your home institution. The form must include:
      - the specific SPC courses you want to take
      - confirmation that you have met all the prerequisites for these courses
      - approval to enroll at SPC
      - the signature of your institution's registrar, academic dean or program advisor
    3. SPC will send you detailed instructions for registering for your approved classes. See registration options below.

    View Transient Student Financial Aid policies.

    Registration options

    Review the information provided on your approved transient form to determine which option you will need to follow to register:

  • If you are a degree-seeking SPC student who wishes to take one or more classes at another college or university, please follow these instructions:

    ImportantYou must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA at SPC to receive permission to take classes at another institution. The class also must be required for completion of general education requirements or degree requirements for your major.

    1. Complete the appropriate transient form:

    • Public Florida college or university
      If you are planning to take a class at a participating public college/university in Florida submit your transient student request form at Florida Virtual Campus.  Please allow three business days for SPC staff to approve your request within Florida Virtual Campus. You will be able to track the progress of your request on Flvc.org and know when it reaches the host institution.
    • Private Florida college or university or non-Florida institution
      If you are planning to take a class at a Florida private college/university, or a college outside the state, submit an approved transient student form signed by the SPC registrar. Also submit a copy of the course description from the course catalog at the institution where you plan to enroll as a transient student so that the information can be reviewed to determine whether it meets your degree completion requirements at SPC.

    2. View Outgoing Transient Student Financial Aid policies.

    3. After you complete the classes at the host institution, please request that an updated transcript from that institution be sent to SPC so that we may post the class to your SPC record. Use the transcript request form to have your transcript sent to SPC.