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St. Petersburg College is an educational partner with Guild, a leader in offering higher education opportunities for working adults who want to upskill and grow in their careers. Students can receive tuition assistance to take classes and get the training they need through their employer's partnership with SPC and Guild.

Together, SPC and Guild are building a bridge between education and employment that supports economic mobility and workforce development. 

Get Started

Guild Network members should follow the steps below to apply to Guild, enroll at SPC, and receive their Sponsorship Letter from Guild. Students who want additional information about their organization's partnership with Guild and eligbility requirements should contact their Human Resources department.

Congrats on taking the first steps towards your education goals. Have you received your approval email from Guild? If not, don’t worry, you should receive an email within seven to 10 business days of submitting your Guild application.

If you have not started this process, head to www.guild.com and follow their steps to get started.

  • Go to www.guild.com.
  • Click Member Login in the top right corner.
  • Log in to your Guild account.
  • To view your employer’s catalog, click the School button at the top of the page and then select Learning programs from the drop-down options.
    • Explore the available programs by browsing, searching, or selecting filters.
    • Click into individual programs to learn more about them.
    • You can also bookmark your favorite programs to save them for later.
  • To apply, click into the individual program and click the Start Guild application button.
    Note: You can only submit one application for a certificate or bootcamp; you can submit up to three applications for a degree program if they're in the same subject, the same level of study, and at different schools. Submitting more than the permitted amount of applications will result in an application hold.
  • Fill out the application and Guild will follow up with your next steps from there!

You can contact Guild Support if you need assistance by:

  • Submitting a ticket
  • Calling 1-800-985-4027
  • Using the live chat feature in the Guild Member Portal

If you have received your approval email from Guild, double congratulations! Follow next steps to get started at SPC.

Apply to SPC

  • Make sure the program on your SPC and Guild applications match. Your approval by Guild to move forward could be revoked if the program on both applications does not match. If this happens, you will be responsible for paying for your program out of pocket.
  • The online application process at St. Petersburg College is easier than ever. Simply apply online and in about 10 minutes, you’ll have taken your first step to becoming a Titan.

Pay the Application Fee

At the end of the application, you will be required to pay a $40 application fee. Once this fee has been paid, you will receive an acceptance email from SPC that will include your student ID number and information about your assigned Academic Advisor.

Connect with an Enrollment Specialist and submit proof of Florida residency

  • Every new student at SPC has access to meet with an Enrollment Specialist who can help you figure out your next steps. Check your personal and SPC student email accounts for an invite to make an appointment. If you are unable to make an appointment, you may also request assistance by filling out a Request Form.
  • You may be eligible for in-state tuition if you have been a Florida resident for at least 12 months. Proof of residency is required. Your Enrollment Specialist can assist you in determining if you qualify.

Log in to the Titan Hub and complete your checklist items

  • Your Titan Hub account is your online access to everything SPC. There are two ways to access the Titan Hub:
    Web Access: Click on Titan Login in the upper right-hand corner of the spcollege.edu website.
    Mobile Access: Download the Titan Hub mobile app.
    You will need your SPC email to log in. Your email information and Student ID# are in the email you received after applying to SPC and submitting the $40 fee. Please contact Technical Support if you need assistance.

The Titan Hub is where you will access the following:

  • Your SPC Email: All official communications will go to your SPC email.
  • MySPC: Your portal to check your financial aid status, register for classes, and review your To Do list
  • MyCourses: Access classes and Pre-Orientation

Send us your transcripts

  • As you complete the online application process at St. Petersburg College, we’ll need your high school and college transcripts. Your records may show us you've already earned credits that will transfer to SPC, which can save you time and money.
  • This link will help walk you through which transcripts are needed, and how you can submit them to SPC.

Take the placement test (if needed)

  • Test scores help you figure out which classes to take and show areas that need improvement. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores, you should take the College Placement Test.
  • You will need to take the Placement Test if you meet one of the following conditions:
    • You graduated from a private high school.
    • You received a high-school diploma as a home-schooled student.
    • You graduated from a Florida public high school in 2007 or earlier or started 9th grade before the 2003-04 school year.
    • You completed a GED.
    • You graduated from an out-of-state high school.
  • Note: If you are transferring classes from another institution, please speak with your Career and Academic Advisor to review your transcripts and test scores to see if you need to take any sections of the College Placement Test.

Finalize FAFSA

Finalize your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Make sure you use the SPC code: 001528.

Meet with your Advisor to Register

You were assigned a Career and Academic Advisor when you applied to SPC. You can find your Advisor’s name by either checking the email you received when you first applied, asking your Enrollment Specialist, or logging in to the Titan Hub to access your MySPC. Your Advisor’s name and contact information will be in the bottom left-hand corner of MySPC. You can meet with your Advisor face-to-face or online.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor. Advisors have appointments up until two weeks before the beginning of the term. If you are unable to schedule an appointment with your assigned Advisor, you can see an Advisor on a first come, first served basis, either on campus or through virtual advising.

Complete the SPC Guild Survey

Completing this survey will identify you as a Guild Network member at SPC, and allow us to extend your due date for tuition

This survey must be completed every term after you register for classes or if you change your schedule

Upon completing this survey, an e-form will be added as a checklist item to your To Do list in MySPC. This is where you will submit your Sponsorship Letter, not a Letter of Coverage, once you receive it from Guild.

Apply for your Sponsorship Letter

Once you have applied to SPC, enrolled in classes, and completed the SPC Guild Survey, it is now time for you to apply for a Sponsorship Letter that tells SPC how much tuition your employer will pay. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to sponsorship.guildeducation.com.
    Note: If navigating from the Guild member portal, select the Funding tab at the top of the page and then click Direct Payment Program.
  • Click Apply for Sponsorship Letter and proceed through the prompts.
  • If your application is approved, Guild will email your Sponsorship Letter to you. 
    • Once received, please sign and include your SPC Student ID#
    • To submit your Guild Education Sponsorship Letter to SPC, go to  https://proone.proed.org/adobesign/proDocDocumentRequest/?formId=7081
    • Complete the e-form and attach the Sponsorship Letter.
    • Note: You will need to apply for a Sponsorship Letter and submit it to SPC each time you enroll in classes at SPC or if you change your class schedule. Sponsorship letters are due to SPC no later than the Friday before your class starts.
      • Example 1: If you register for two classes during the 12-week Summer Term, you will apply for one Sponsorship Letter.
      • Example 2: If you register for one class that is 12 weeks and one class that is eight weeks, you will still only submit one Sponsorship Letter for the Summer Term.
  • After your term ends, you'll share your outcomes with Guild. Outcomes are final grades and cumulative GPA for degree programs or proof of completion for certificates or similar non-degree programs. You should submit outcomes as soon as possible after your term end date. You can’t have more than two open applications at a time, so you'll want to submit your outcomes as soon as you can.

Complete orientation at SPC

Orientation is a crucial step in your SPC journey, providing a face-to-face experience to meet other students and familiarize yourself with the campus. This three-hour interactive session is designed to help you understand what to expect on your first day of class and discover the various resources SPC has to offer.

We encourage all students complete the following four assignments prior to attending orientation, accessible through the Titan Hub under MyCourses in the First Time Titan course:

  • Introduction to MyCourses: Located in Module 1 under the MyCourses Student Overview section.
  • SPC's Your Keys to Success! Survey: Found in Module 2 within the Titans Care Center section.
  • SPC Student Readiness Assessment: Also found in Module 2 within the Titans Care Center section.
  • Career Coach Quiz: Available in Module 2 under the Career Development Services section.

Arrive 15-30 minutes before the scheduled start time to facilitate the check-in process. This preparatory work, combined with the orientation session, sets the stage for a successful journey at SPC.

Online students who are not in the local area should complete the entire First-Time Titans course in MyCourses. This requirement ensures that you're well-prepared and can maximize your remote learning experience. The First-Time Titans course can be accessed through the Titan Hub under MyCourses.

Start class and talk with your Guild Growth Coach

Once you start in your program you should receive an email from Guild introducing you to your Guild Growth Coach. Work with your Guild Growth Coach to get ready for your first day of classes. Keep in mind that you must attend the first day of classes.

Please connect with the following Admissions representatives at SPC for additional information about these steps: