Explore the stars without trekking far from home - for a price that's out of this world: Free! The planetarium offers free public shows on Wednesday and Friday evenings when the college is in session. Shows are hosted by resident astronomer Dr. Craig Joseph and feature live narration with images displayed by computer-controlled projectors.

The planetarium comfortably seats 46, and admission is on a walk-in basis (first-come, first-served). No reservations are required. Planetarium shows last approximately 45 minutes, and no one can be admitted after the show begins. Children are welcome as long as they are 5 or older. Following the Wednesday evening planetarium shows, visitors are invited to the observation deck for telescope viewing (weather permitting).


Wednesdays at 8 pm (August and September)

Wednesdays at 7 pm (October, November, December)

Fridays at 7 pm (During October, there will be an additional Friday show at 8:30 pm)      

Please note that our Wednesday showtimes change throughout the year because of the changing hours of darkness.

telescope against a Halloween background

Legends of the Fall

Sept. 27, 29; Oct. 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27; Nov. 1, 3, 8

The autumn skies are filled with constellations intertwined in Greek myth and lore. Learn some of the stories playing out in the evening sky this fall. 

If you are in the Halloween spirit, come visit our “Haunted Planetarium”! During the month of October, our planetarium will be haunted by ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and other creatures of the night. Shows at 7 pm and 8:30 pm every Friday in October. Not recommended for very small children (suggested minimum age is 7). If you have any questions, please call!

telescope against a Christmas background

Yuletide Skies

Nov. 15 17, 29; Dec. 1, 6, 8

Be sure to visit our Yuletide planetarium decorated for the holiday season! Go back in time 2000 years to see astronomical events that may have inspired the Biblical account of the “Christmas Star”.


The planetarium will be closed on November 10 for Veteran’s Day, and November 22 and 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Following the December 8 show, the planetarium will be closed from December 9 to the week of January.15.


The St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus is also home to a rooftop observatory, featuring a 20-inch reflecting telescope that is open to students and the public after Wednesday evening planetarium shows. Additional portable telescopes are available on our spacious third floor observation deck. Special telescopes equipped with solar filters allow daytime visitors to safely view sunspots, prominences and other solar activity.


The Planetarium is located on the second floor of the Natural Science Building (SC 205) on the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus located on 69th Street North at 5th Avenue. Free parking is available for the celestial shows.


Clubs, school groups, and other community organizations can reserve the planetarium for free special programs – morning, afternoon or evening (for evening shows, only Mondays and Tuesdays are available). For group reservations:

Planetarium Gallery