The St. Petersburg College Clearwater Campus' Crossroads Gallery presents five shows within the academic year.  Jonathan Barnes the Academic Department Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts collaborates with his faculty to display collections of SPC student art.


October: 3D Design - students submit several types of three-dimensional art from the ART1201C and ART1203C Design I and Design II class. The curators of this show are Professors Jonathan Barnes and Kim Kirchman. From handmade books to organic sculptures of mixed wood, metal, and other mixed media flow through the gallery. In addition, several sculptures play with negative and positive space within an abstract suspended three-dimensional reality.


November: Ceramics and Printmaking - Several types of ceramic pottery, tiles, faces, and figurines line the space throughout the gallery. Additionally, the juxtaposed ceramic art graces the gallery between mono printing, block printing, etching, and lithography screen-printing art. This year's students in ART1751C, and ART2400C Ceramics and Printmaking classes, under the mentoring of Professors Jonathan Barnes, and Kim Kirchman, are the showcased artists in November.


February: Photography - Vintage classical black and white to digital art prints illustrate the mixture of space and storytelling. Professors Eleni Christopoulos, Barton Gilmore, and Bethany Souza create a show that explores the play of light and dark captured in a two dimensional media.


March: The Annual Juried Student Exhibition - This show serves as a showcase for the diverse artistic talents of students at St. Petersburg College. The exhibition is comprised of submitted art from currently enrolled full-time or part-time SPC students during the present fall and or spring semester. All majors are encouraged to apply artwork (including architectural drawings and models), created during the present academic year.


April: Pinellas County High Schools - The St. Petersburg College Clearwater Humanities & Fine Arts Department hosts the Calyx Schenecker Art Infinitum Pinellas County High School Exhibition. The high school arts exhibition features 2D and 3D student work from sixteen Pinellas County High Schools.

Crossroads Gallery exhibit open:Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

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