Mental Health First Aid Training

The Mental Health First Aid program will resume this summer. Please check back for details and dates.

Community Foundation of Tampa BaySt. Petersburg College is offering Mental Health First Aid Training in partnership with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. The Mental Health First Aid Training, known as the CPR of mental health, is a national certification through the National Council for Behavioral Health that has proven effective in helping people recognize signs, symptoms, and risk factors of mental illnesses and/or addictions.

This training is designed to raise awareness of the prevalence of mental health issues in the community, reduce the stigma and provide viable skills needed to address mental health challenges. The training  will assist and empower key personnel in nonprofits, faith communities, and other community settings to identify, understand, and respond to those who show signs of developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis.

This training is provided for free by the CFTB if you work for a nonprofit organization, education institution, faith community or other public service organization across the Tampa Bay region. The cost is $125 per person for the general public.

Training Length

The course begins with a mandatory self-paced introduction that takes about 2 hours. This pre-read is a requirement to attend the course and must be completed no later than seven days before start of the training class. The actual training will take place through real-time online instruction that will last from 5 to 6 hours with a class size ranging from 10 to 30 people.

For more information on the Mental Health First Aid program or for help with registration, contact St. Petersburg College; Joanna Corde at 727-341-3640 or email