About the UPC

UPC StudentsMission: The University Partnership Center is an alliance of 16 colleges and universities. Its mission is to provide bachelor's and graduate degrees to more than 1-million people in the Pinellas County area.

Unique: The University Partnership Center is the first of its kind in Florida and one of only a handful nationwide. Serving as an important link for community development and individual opportunities, the University Partnership Center provides partnerships, educational programs, an interactive "hub" for delivering instruction, and student learning resource support services.

Partnerships: SPC offers access to junior and senior level courses for bachelor's and graduate degrees at the University Partnership Center with: Barry University, Bellevue University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Daytona State College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida International University, Florida State University, Fordham University, National University of Health Sciences, Saint Leo University, the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, and St. Petersburg College. Visit our Partners page for a list of each program to be offered, by university.

Supportive: Be assured that programs offered through the University Partnership Center are of the same quality and professional development as those on the home campuses. As for application, admissions, advising, degree planning, class transfer, and transcript analysis, we are dedicated to making these processes as easy as possible.

Cost: Students will pay the same tuition rate as that charged at the institution's home site. Even though students will be attending classes at the University Partnership Center on the Seminole, EpiCenter, Health Education Center, or St. Petersburg/Gibbs campuses of SPC, they will be students of the providing institution.

Class Types: Classes offered through the University Partnership Center are delivered in a variety of methods. They include:

  • Traditional classroom setting where students come to class on a designated campus and an instructor from the "Home" campus teaches the information to students.
  • Two-Way Interactive: Students learn by sitting in a classroom and viewing an instructor from another location. Video cameras allow you to see the instructor at a different location teaching a class and they can see you. Students can ask questions and talk with the instructor and vice/versa. It's just like being in the classroom with the instructor because they can see you and you can see them and you still communicate by raising your hand and being called on.
  • Web-based with Mentors (also called Internet Supported): If a student has access to the Internet, he/she can take these courses online. Some Web-based programs offered through the UPC allow students who don't have time to meet in a classroom setting to take their courses online. The value-added component that the UPC offers is the opportunity to meet with a mentor periodically from your "home" campus through your web-based course.
  • Blended: A combination of any of the above methods of course delivery.

UPC ID Cards
While each partner institution may choose to issue an ID card, you must also obtain a UPC ID card. This card will allow you access to all SPC facilities and services. These include our libraries on all campuses, use of computer labs and workout rooms. This ID card will allow you to have all the same benefits as an SPC student. These cards are free and can be obtained in the UPC office, UP203, Seminole Campus.

Library Access
Students can use their UPC ID card to borrow books from other Florida public universities and colleges and of course you can borrow materials from SPC's library.

Computer Labs & Wireless Network
Students may be issued computer accounts through the university in which they are registered. These accounts are necessary for access to the "home" university's computer system. Additionally, students registered for partner university courses offered through the UPC may use SPC's computer labs, network & other resources by using their UPC login and password, that is issued when they obtain their UPC ID card.

Rules and Regulations
All UPC students are governed by the same rules and regulations that apply to SPC students. There is a PDF version of the Student Handbook for UPC students. Students also are expected to comply with additional rules and regulations of their "home" partner institution.

The University Partnership Center is based on SPC's Seminole Campus but holds classes on the following campuses:

Seminole Campus (main site)
9200 113th St. N

Caruth Health Education Center
7200 66th St. N
Pinellas Park

Downtown Center
244 2nd Ave N.
St. Petersburg

13805 58th St. N

St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus
6605 5th Ave. N
St. Petersburg

Allstate Center
3200 34th St. S
St. Petersburg

UPC Job Opportunities

The University Partnership Center is an alliance of various higher-educational institutions that provide access to bachelor's and graduate degrees for residents in the Pinellas County area. Colleges and universities that partner with the center often seek employees to work with their UPC program and list those jobs here.

Barry University

Rotation Specialist

Responsible for the coordination of clinical rotations in the area of request, confirmation, site/preceptor approval, credentialing and orientation clearance. Serving as a liaison between clinical sites and program for all student rotation placement needs.

For general information, please call: 727-394-6200. 

Catherine Kennedy
Associate Vice President

University Partnership Center
(727) 394-6202
Seminole Campus UP 204

Marina Laca
Administrative Services Specialist
(727) 394-6200
Seminole Campus UP 203

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