Curriculum and Instruction: Visual Disabilities Education

Florida State University

Master’s - Online

Florida State University offers a master's degree program to prepare teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs).  Students with visual impairments - children who are blind or have low vision - require specialized instruction to learn what other children learn incidentally, from watching.  Because they cannot see and learn from what those around them are doing, these children need instruction from a specially trained teacher to develop skills in a variety of academic and non-academic areas.

This online program is designed for teachers already certified in general or special education, including those who are alternatively certified as TVIs, to learn the skills needed to teach students with visual impairments. In addition to the online course content provided, students in this program gain practical experiences through hands-on field experiences working with TVIs and students who have visual impairments. The application deadline to begin in the Fall semester is July 1 of each year.