Barry University

Clinical Medical Science (Physician Assistant)

Masters - Face to face

Physician Assistants are highly qualified health care providers who have been prepared, through a demanding academic and clinical curriculum, to provide health care services under physician supervision. Physician assistants are board certified and licensed health care professionals who gather and evaluate medical data and participate in the process of clinical decision making, diagnosis and therapeutic management. All candidates who successfully complete the program will be awarded both the Master of Clinical Medical Science degree.

Health Services Administration

Masters - Face to face

The Master of Science in Health Services Administration program meets the societal need for professionals in the healthcare industry to serve in a variety of leadership roles for organizations that provide health services. The program prepares you to critically evaluate and apply theory and research in all specialty areas of healthcare and administration into their daily professional work. Graduates are taught to become informed, responsible, and ethical leaders in the community.

Health Services Administration/Public Health (Dual Degree)

Masters - Face to face

The Master of Science in Health Services Administration and Master of Public Health dual degree program is a seven-semester graduate education program offered through the College of Health Sciences, Division of Graduate Clinical Sciences & Health Management Programs.

EdD in Organizational Leadership

Doctorate - Face to face

NEW!! EdD in Organizational Leadership & Education with Specializations in:

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Human Resource Development

The EdD in Organizational Leadership at Barry University is a practitioner degree that develops students to be successful vision-driven leaders within their fields.  This degree is part of the CPED Consortium and our curriculum is crafted to meet the demands of the 21st century professional landscape. The Dissertation in Practice replaces the traditional dissertation and provides students with the opportunity to effect change in an organization or educational institution.  Here, students engage in building a supportive and caring community with faculty and classmates, and come from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

This program is currently in the process of 'teaching-out' and is no longer accepting new applicants for this location.

Public Administration

Masters - Online

This degree program is a professional development program for adult learners with a focus on the administration of public, non-profit and other organizations which serve a public purpose. The MPA is generally considered the terminal professional degree for practitioners in public service. The curriculum addresses the critical administrative competencies in this evolving environment through skills development in the context of a theoretical foundation. The degree program also incorporates adult learner principles and strategies. The program emphasizes developing critical administrative competencies through course content which contains theory, application and practice throughout the curriculum. Also, in addition to developing a core body of administrative knowledge and skills, the degree program will provide an effective grounding in applied public policy, policy analysis, and program evaluation. (30 credit hours)