Bellevue University


Masters - Blended

Bellevue University's Master of Science in Accounting degree focuses on the application of accounting to realistic business and organizational scenarios.

Business Analytics

Masters - Online

The Bellevue University Master of Science in Business Analytics is designed to prepare you with the expertise to transform big data into strategic solutions.

Business and Professional Communication

Masters - Online

The Bellevue University online Master's in Business and Professional Communication will help you gain a real competitive advantage in the job market and your career by preparing you as a leader who can assess complex communication challenges and implement innovative solutions. You'll build confidence in leading as you develop essential skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and ethical decision-making while at the same time gain perspective of the diversity of the global workplace

Business Administration

Doctorate - Online

This applied DBA will prepare you to solve current problems in your industry, lead in top executive positions, and address the complexities of today’s business landscape with vision, knowledge, and clarity.

Clinical Counseling

Masters - Blended

The Bellevue University Master of Science in Clinical Counseling degree is modeled on national licensing standards and will prepare you to take the national licensing exam to become a mental health counselor. With a CACREP accredited program, you can be assured that appropriate knowledge and skill areas are included and that the program is stable, professionally and financially.

Computer Information Systems

Masters - Blended

The Master's in Computer Information Systems will prepare you for careers in areas such as systems development, systems management, IT project management, software development, database analysis and design, and information systems security.

Data Science

Masters - Online

Bellevue University's online Master of Science in Data Science degree is designed to prepare you to be in the driver's seat to curate, analyze, and make relevant discoveries from large data sets. You'll learn the tools, methodologies, and systems needed to solve complex problems in almost any field.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Masters - Online

Expand your opportunity to guide organizational decision making, problem solving, and strategy with Bellevue University's Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Graduates of this online Master's program in industrial-organizational psychology will be well-equipped to bring a strategic, mindful approach to human resource development, employee engagement, personnel selection and succession planning and talent management and performance.

Intelligence and Security Studies

Masters - Online

This degree is for advanced students who wish to pursue executive and other high-level positions within security and intelligence, whether governmental or private sector, and for those who plan to pursue a Ph.D. The graduate studies in intelligence and security are specifically structured to help you develop essential analytical processes and research skills.

Organizational Performance

Masters - Blended

Prepare to be a respected leader of organizational effectiveness who knows how to get results. This degree is for you if you are interested in changing careers or maximizing your potential in your current field. You might currently work in human resources or in any business or leadership job and be ready for a change. Or, you might be ready to take on higher level work.

Security Management

Masters - Online

Offered online and in-class, Bellevue University's Master of Science in Security Management prepares you to lead -- with the skills and knowledge necessary to address emerging threats, terrorism, homeland defense, information security, and critical infrastructure protection. The Master's in Security Management degree may help expand your opportunities for management or leadership roles by developing critical thinking and decision-making skills in security and law enforcement, crime prevention, threat assessment, public safety and criminal justice.

Strategic Finance

Masters - Blended

Bellevue University's Master of Science in Strategic Finance prepares leaders who are successful in allocating resources in a manner that maximizes economic, social, and organizational value. The Master's in Strategic Finance presents financial management as a tactical discipline in which financial strategists network with stakeholders in a dynamic international marketplace. The Master's in Finance program, online or in-class, is designed to develop your enterprise-wide financial decision-making skills by guiding you to apply value optimization, risk management, and business strategy to real-world contexts.

Strategic Marketing

Masters - Blended

If you're currently a marketing professional looking to expand your leadership opportunities, or in a related field ready to embark on a new career in marketing management, choose Bellevue University's Master of Science in Strategic Marketing. The in-class or online Master's in Strategic Marketing will prepare you to think strategically.

Human Capital Management

Doctorate - Blended

The Ph.D. in Human Capital Management is designed to equip graduates to be effective in designing human capital development programs, measuring the effectiveness of human capital investment, and communicating / collaborating with organizational leaders.