Florida Gulf Coast University

Criminal Justice

Bachelors - Online

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program provides an extensive overview of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, corrections, the judiciary, juvenile justice, probation and parole, and international justice. The program builds on a solid liberal arts core to achieve a balanced criminal justice perspective, which includes an emphasis on the victim, the offender, the criminal justice system and society. The program's objective is to develop a sound educational foundation for graduate work or professional practice at the bachelor's level. You are provided a set of core courses and experiences to orient you to the broader criminal justice system. You then have the opportunity to specialize in law enforcement, corrections, legal studies, forensics, juvenile justice, international justice or management.


Legal Studies

Bachelors - Online

The program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies prepares you for career advancement in legal assisting, paralegal and other law-related professions. The American Bar Association defines a paralegal or legal assistant as "a person qualified by education, training or experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity, and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible." The program is designed to provide in-depth understanding of the legal system as it relates to the law, the courts, clients and lawyers. The curriculum encompasses both generalist and specialist courses as recommended by the American Bar Association. The core curriculum provides a solid foundation of legal, ethical, technical and communication skills.


Health Science

Masters - Online

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide career advancement opportunities for entry-level health profession practitioners and individuals seeking careers in health services administration, health professions education, gerontology and recreation therapy. The program also is recommended for students interested in a health profession that requires a master of science at the entry level, such as physical therapy.


Public Administration

Masters - Online

The Master of Public Administration program is an interdisciplinary, professional degree program that prepares you for administrative positions in the public and not-for-profit sectors. It is designed for students who have significant in-service experience as well as for students who have little or no prior work experience in public or not-for-profit organizations. The MPA core curriculum provides theoretical background and practical application in the study of public policy, organizations, personnel administration, budgeting, research methods, data analysis, and program planning and evaluation.