Florida International University

Computer Engineering - Network Security

Masters - Online

Professionals who obtain the M.S. in Computer Engineering: Network Security master's degree will be prepared for the fast growing and wide-ranging information security and cyber security industries. You learn advanced ethical hacking and counter-measuring skills, as well as advanced malware reverse engineering. The program also prepares you to acquire the most in-demand professional certifications, including Network+, Security+, and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).


Curriculum & Instruction - Curriculum Development

Masters - Online

Advance your knowledge for working with students from diverse backgrounds. Our fully online Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction: Curriculum Development Specialization allows you to fuel your passion for education and learning. Through our program, you will gain experience that empowers you to make changes in your classroom and become a leader in your school. Special emphasis is placed on understanding approaches to curriculum and instruction for meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Develop a keen understanding of the trends and issues in curriculum development and instruction, along with research-based methods to improve student achievement. 


Engineering Management

Masters - Online

The M.S. in Engineering Management offers a fast-track to engineering leadership by developing managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology. Graduates will learn the broad knowledge and skills required to manage and lead today's organizations. The General Track offers coursework that simulates a business environment where students learn and apply engineering tools, managerial theories, and best practices to design and operate industrial systems. Students in the program are expected to acquire contemporary engineering management theories and techniques, and simultaneously build a solid technical foundation in a chosen engineering track.


Healthcare MBA

Masters - Online

The online Healthcare MBA focuses on the business of healthcare, and includes three residencies to enhance your professional skills, earn certification in Lean Six Sigma yellow and green belt, and expand your networking opportunities with classmates, faculty, senior healthcare executives and an alumni network of more than 300 healthcare professionals. Graduates will emerge with a broader perspective of the healthcare industry and a clearer vision of how to manage and lead collaboratively.


Human Resources Management

Masters - Online

The FIU M.S. in HR Management teaches you to develop a strategic staffing vision, shape corporate culture and empower organizational change. FIU's innovative, career-relevant courses are developed with input from HR industry executives and taught by world-class professors. Designed with working HR professionals in mind, the online HR master's program is convenient and flexible, enhanced by innovative, collaborative technology that is accessible anywhere.  Students learn from practitioners in the field - the experts who understand the changing calculus of the human resources industry as it transforms.


International Business

Masters - Online

Through FIU's fully online MIB program, you gain competency in international business practices, explore real-world business scenarios in a global context and emerge ready to lead and manage international teams. The online MIB program is convenient and flexible, with a curriculum designed to help you meet the unique challenges of managing teams that span continents and cultures and expanding businesses into new global markets. Through FIU's innovative Blackboard Learn technology, you can collaborate with other MIB students, who come from around the world and reflect the imagination and diversity of the global business community.


Real Estate

Masters - Online

The M.S. in International Real Estate combines industry fundamentals with all phases of real estate including analysis, valuation, financing and closing transactions. Earning this master's degree gives you a significant background in real estate to gain a competitive edge in making sound real estate investments. You will be prepared to become ARGUS-certified - a designation that dramatically increases your marketability when entering the real estate corporate world. Many Fortune 500 companies require experience with ARGUS to work in their companies as real-estate analysts or acquisition experts. This certification is included in the tuition of the program and is taught by one of only three professors in the state of Florida accredited to teach ARGUS-certified courses. FIU offers an unparalleled level of support from world-class faculty and professionals in the real estate industry. You also develop a strong network of professional connections with other students and alumni.


Mass Communication: Global Strategic Communication

Masters - Online

Advance your communications career in the international marketplace with FIU's fully online Mass Communication: Global Strategic Communications (GSC) Track master's program. The GSC track prepares graduates to be globally minded and socially responsible communication leaders and innovators at the highest levels of corporate, government and non-profit organizations. Our professionally focused master's program can be completed in one year, preparing students for expanded opportunities in advertising, public relations and integrated communications, while enhancing performance in their current communication roles.


Special Education Autism Endorsement

Masters - Online

The FIU M.S. in Special Education gives special education teachers the advanced training they need to reach the children who need it the most. This graduate program leans to an endorsement in autism, providing educators with the skills to teach students on the autism spectrum. The program also places special emphasis on classroom-based research and on preparing special education teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse learners and their families.


Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary Education Track

Masters - Online

A diverse curriculum benefits teachers in the elementary classroom in public, charter, or private settings. The Elementary Education track curriculum broadens teacher perspectives and understanding of education issues and needs. It expands teaching and learning repertoires by diving deeper into areas of curriculum and instruction and content specialization through research-based learning and experiences. Teachers engage and interact, developing a strong sense of identity and purpose. Real-world issues within their classrooms are explored and addressed building a sense of community around diversity, access, equity, and social justice.


Engineering Management - Construction Management Track

Masters - Online

Learn the business side of engineering with a focus on construction management. Pursue management positions in a wide range of functions, including general management, operations, project management, IT, software development, marketing and sales. The Construction Management Track offers courses on construction cost analysis and control as well as economics and risk assessment. Students will learn the principles of construction scheduling for projects both in the U.S. and abroad. Learn about the newest technology applications in construction and methods in development. Graduates will be able to apply research, analysis and best practice skills to an ever-growing field and will benefit from additional coursework that readies them for the business side of construction.


Engineering Management - Enterprise Systems Track

Masters - Online

Enterprise systems engineers are problem solvers who collaborate with engineering teams, project managers and stakeholders to ensure an organization’s success. Enterprise systems engineers are sought out for their specific skill set in helping startup businesses develop processes and proficiencies through the use of technology, and within a multitude of divisions. The Enterprise Systems Track offers courses on enterprise systems configuration, collaboration, integration, optimization and logistics and enterprise engineering. The TQM course provides students with the body of knowledge required for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Students are also well prepared for certifications such as SAP and Project Management Professional.


Engineering Management - Logistics Engineering Track

Masters - Online

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, employment for logistics engineers is expected to grow by 5 percent through 2028. Employment growth will be driven by the vital role logistics plays in the transportation of goods in a global economy. As supply and distribution systems become increasingly complex, knowledgeable employees are needed to close the skills gap. The Logistics Engineering track offers courses on logistics and enterprise engineering, advanced production planning and control, inventory control systems, simulation models of engineering systems, applications of OR in manufacturing and stochastic optimization. The TQM course provides students with the body of knowledge required for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Students are also well prepared for certifications as a Project Management Professional.


Engineering Management - Production and Manufacturing Track

Masters - Online

Learn everything needed to bring ideas to life from concept to production. Students will be given the tools to master the design-material-manufacture process while maintaining quality, process and fiscal control in an engineering management role. The Production and Manufacturing track offers courses on manufacturing process and systems design, quality engineering, design of production systems, advanced production planning and control, inventory control systems and product design for manufacture and automation. Graduates of this program will learn the broad knowledge and skills required to successfully manage and lead today's organizations.


Engineering Management - Quality Engineering and Management Track

Masters - Online

Quality professionals are found in all types of organizations from large global corporations to small businesses, not only in manufacturing but also in the service sector, especially in logistics, pharmaceutical, health care, educational and financial industries. This track, consisting of courses specific to the quality profession, is designed for both students in industry looking to move into a quality management position and students first entering the job market in a position such as quality engineer. The program provides TQM preparation for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification as well as preparation for PMP certification. Courses include the latest theoretical concepts, time-proven methods and tools, the most commonly used software packages in industry for analysis, and comprehensive case studies.


Engineering Management - Systems Engineering Track

Masters - Online

Enterprise systems engineers are sought out for their specific skill set in helping startup businesses develop processes and proficiencies through the use of technology, and within a multitude of divisions. A master’s degree in engineering management with a concentration in enterprise systems offers graduates maximum versatility as the degree can be applied to careers in nearly any industry. The Systems Engineering track offers courses on the design and analysis of operational solutions in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, supply chain, logistics and transportation. The TQM course provides students with the body of knowledge required for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Students are also well prepared for certifications as a Project Management Professional.


Higher Education Administration

Masters - Online

A Master of Science in Higher Education Administration prepares graduates to serve in a variety of roles at colleges, universities, and related institutions. The 12-month academic program, offered by the College of Arts, Sciences and Education runs in partnership with FIU's Student Affairs division, and integrates classwork with assistantships for a total learning experience. Students in the program are taught and advised by full-time professors and senior higher education professionals.


Hospitality Management - General Track

Masters - Online

The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management’s vision is to transform hospitality and tourism… one learner at a time, for a lifetime. The program’s real-world curriculum provides you with the leadership and analytical skills needed to advance your career and prepare you to work on the business side of a multibillion-dollar international industry. Courses are focused on finance, human resources, marketing, law, globalization and competitive methods for multinational companies and leadership.


Hospitality Management - Revenue Management Track

Masters - Online

For candidates who want to jump start their careers with an advanced degree in hospitality management specializing in revenue management, one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. As critical thinkers and strategists with the goal of maximizing revenue, students in this specialization will sharpen their data gathering, analytical and decision-making skills. Using advanced techniques and modern tools, they will be prepared to devise comprehensive, company-wide revenue management strategies.


Hospitality Management - Real Estate Development Track

Masters - Online

For candidates who want to jump start their careers with an advanced degree designed to give students an in-depth knowledge about the business of real estate and development in the hospitality industry. Students will learn to bridge the gap between development and real estate to accomplish a company’s expansion goals. They will be prepared to become an integral part of teams focused on research, analysis, site selection and development.


Hospitality Management - Executive Track

Masters - Online

Earn an Executive Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management online in 10 months. This program is ideal for individuals who have at least five years of documented professional experience in hospitality management. The executive master’s degree gives online learners the flexibility to learn in their own space, at their own pace while they work. Students will gain specific managerial mastery to deepen their working business knowledge in the multibillion-dollar international industry and apply their current work experience toward their degree.


Hospitality Management - Entertainment Management Major

Bachelors - Online

The bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Management concentrates on advanced storytelling focused on creating moments of emotional transformation with audiences. This innovative degree responds to the need in today’s entertainment industry to provide professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills to progress into management careers within the entertainment sector, managing facilities such as sport events, theme parks, cinemas, live music venues, museums, art galleries, broadcast media companies and nightclubs. In response to the growth in both the creative and cultural industries and consumer demand, this track concentrates on “entertainment managers.”


Hospitality Management - Spirits Management Major

Bachelors - Online

This Bacardi Spirits Management Major is available for students who want to pursue a career in the beverage industry. The focus of the program is on the foundations of spirits, the art and science of fine spirits, operational dynamics, marketing, law, and beverage entrepreneurship. Students will be prepared for employment opportunities with international spirit brands, national distributors, beverage marketing agencies, and fill operational positions with hotels, resorts, restaurant groups, and the duty-free segment (cruise ships, airlines and the Caribbean market).


Internet of Things

Bachelors - Online

About 20 billion IoT devices are projected to be used throughout the world in about five years, according to reports. IoT graduates will possess the mastery needed for IoT engineer and IoT developer jobs and will be able to work on microcontrollers and sensors. They will also be able to troubleshoot IoT devices as software engineers and will learn how to program smart devices. The IoT degree allows graduates to apply their knowledge as wireless communication specialists and focus on how IoT devices communicate with each other. They will play a crucial role in interpreting the data generated by these devices and in the creation of business models. Graduates will also be well-versed in cybersecurity, protecting data, keeping consumers safe from hackers, and safeguarding organizations’ liability as they ensure best practices.


Engineering Management - Engineering Entrepreneurship Track

Masters - Online

Engineers with the right blend of technical and management skills are among the most sought-after professionals in the field. This program gives learners the tools needed to help Firms in a variety of industries to contain costs and improve efficiencies for maximum profits and fiscal responsibility. The Engineering Entrepreneurship Track offers courses on manufacturing process design, production systems, technology policies and strategies, technology entrepreneurship, and business plan development. Students will benefit from coursework that stimulates a business environment where students learn and apply engineering tools, managerial theories, and best practices to design and operate industrial systems.


Hospitality Management - Mega Events Track

Masters - Online

Larger events are inherently more complicated, requiring additional security and facility concerns, as well as presenting greater budgetary and marketing pressures. Candidates would receive a rare opportunity to enhance their event management skills in producing programs for over 10,000 attendees. Courses focus on festivals, trade shows, major conventions, sports events, and concerts.