Florida State University

Computer Science

Bachelors - Online

The program provides you with the fundamental knowledge and problem-solving skills you need for a fulfilling career in Computer Science and to create and disseminate knowledge to improve computer science research, education and practice.


Business Administration FSU

Masters - Online

Students enrolled in the Florida State University Master of Business Administration (MBA) program are equipped with the analytical tools needed to succeed in an increasingly complex business world.  From the convenience of their home or office, students can hone their skills and collaborate with high-caliber peers in an environment that fosters creativity and rewards problem-solving.  Elective courses can be tailored for the following areas:  Management Information Systems, Real Estate, or Sales Management.


Business Administration - Real Estate

Masters - Online

The Florida State University Online MBA program offers a rigorous set of flex courses focused on real estate finance and analysis.  This is one of the largest and  most successful programs in the nation, and it prepares students to effectively master the ever-changing marketplace while advancing their management skills.  From the convenience of home or office, students benefit from world-renowned faculty and an innovative curriculum and will be able to apply what they've learned immediately upon entering the workplace.


Criminology/Criminal Justice Studies

Masters - Online

The master's program in Criminal Justice Studies is specifically designed for working criminal justice professionals and others who want the rigors and challenges of a first-rate graduate program, but also need the convenience and flexibility that distance learning provides. The program is especially designed for highly motivated students who are looking toward leadership positions in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and elsewhere in the criminal justice system in Florida, the nation as a whole and overseas. Past graduates of the school have achieved national and international recognition and hold prestigious positions in many states and a number of foreign countries.


Educational Leadership and Administration

Masters - Online

This program is designed to prepare professionals for entry-level administrative positions in schools, school districts and educational agencies. Course content is aligned with state and national standards and blends both theoretical and practical applications to K-12 educational leadership.


Management Information Systems

Masters - Online

The Master of Science in MIS enhances and updates the managerial and technical skills of practicing information technology professionals. It is intended for professionals with at least three years of MIS-related work experience and is designed so that a typical student can complete the degree in 24 months by taking two online courses each semester.


Risk Management and Insurance

Masters - Online

Recognized as one of the oldest and largest insurance programs in the nation, Florida State University offers a master's program in Management with a major in Risk Management/Insurance. Offered entirely online, this program is designed for working professionals who wish to study part-time in order to advance and enhance their careers. All 11 courses in the program can be completed in 24 months.


Curriculum and Instruction: Visual Disabilities Education

Masters - Online

Florida State University offers a master's degree program to prepare teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs).  Students with visual impairments - children who are blind or have low vision - require specialized instruction to learn what other children learn incidentally, from watching.  Because they cannot see and learn from what those around them are doing, these children need instruction from a specially trained teacher to develop skills in a variety of academic and non-academic areas.

This online program is designed for teachers already certified in general or special education, including those who are alternatively certified as TVIs, to learn the skills needed to teach students with visual impairments. In addition to the online course content provided, students in this program gain practical experiences through hands-on field experiences working with TVIs and students who have visual impairments. The application deadline to begin in the Fall semester is July 1 of each year.