University of South Florida

Adult Education

Masters - Blended

This degree is primarily designed to help individuals work with adult learners in a wide variety of employment settings. This master's degree program is intended for holders of a non-education baccalaureate degree who do not wish to meet teacher certification requirements in the State of Florida.


Masters - Face to face

The Professional Science Master's degree is an innovative graduate degree designed to allow you to pursue advanced training and excel in science without a Ph.D., while simultaneously developing highly valued business skills without an M.B.A. By design, PSM degrees combine advanced discipline-specific coursework with activities that develop those communications and technical skills that are highly valued by non-academic employers. The purpose of the PSM degree is to prepare you for a career in technology-oriented business or government where workforce needs are increasing.

Criminal Justice Administration

Masters - Blended

This program is designed to develop and enhance professional practice in the criminal justice community. The MACJA prepares you for advanced levels of management by enhancing your skills, decision-making processes and analytic capabilities in the contemporary environment of criminal justice practice. The MACJA targets students interested in the criminal justice system who have a committed interest in enhancing their professionalism and developing their practitioner and management skills.

Learning Design and Technology

Masters - Online

The Master of Science in Learning Design and Technology program offers four distinct concentrations including:

  • E-learning design and development
  • Cybersecurity education
  • Big data and learning analytics
  • Game-based learning and analytics.

Each concentration requires 33 credit hours that consist of 21 credit hours (7 courses) of program core courses, 9 credit hours (3 courses) of concentration courses, and 3 credit hours (1 course) of a capstone course.  The program provides a comprehensive curriculum and intensive training to prepare students for the job market of today and the emerging fields of tomorrow in K-12 schools, higher education, industry, military and/or other governmental agencies.

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

Masters - Blended

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida provides an opportunity for qualified applicants to earn an 18-credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, through distance learning and/or in-person coursework, in two years (six semesters). Graduates of the program are qualified and well-prepared to teach a variety of courses at Florida Community Colleges.

The Certificate in Math program curriculum consists of six courses; three Core Courses: MAS 5311 Algebra 1, MAA 5306 Real Analysis 1, MTG 5316 Topology 1; and three additional courses: MAS 5215 Number Theory, MAA 5405 Applied Complex Analysis, MAP 5407 Methods of Applied Mathematics. Each semester, including the summer, one core course and one additional course are offered.
Applications to the program are evaluated by the Mathematics Admissions Committee, where they are screened for sufficient mathematical background to enter the courses listed above.
Lectures are delivered in a classroom setting, the videos of which are made available for distance-learning students to view in real-time. Instructors will post their course materials on the course websites, where students will also submit their corresponding homework assignments.

Library & Information Science

Masters - Online

The School of Library and Information Science, part of the USF College of Arts and Sciences, offers an M.A. program in library and information science. This degree has been continuously accredited by the American Library Association since 1975. Graduates are prepared to assume a wide variety of service and leadership positions in libraries and information centers.

Nursing Education

Masters - Online

The University of South Florida College of Nursing offers a master's concentration in nursing education. The major goal of the program is to prepare graduates to teach in a variety of educational and health care settings including schools of nursing, staff development departments, and/or patient client education programs. The program is available as a program of graduate study or certificate program for those with masters degrees in nursing.

Public Administration

Masters - Blended

The University of South Florida Public Administration Program offers a multi-disciplinary course of study leading to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. The MPA degree is designed to prepare you for successful leadership roles and management careers in the public sector. Graduates of the MPA Program pursue careers in local, state or federal agencies of government, non-profit organizations and special service districts. Additionally, the MPA degree can prepare you for further academic study leading to the Doctorate in Public Administration or the Ph.D. in public policy and administration, as well as in a variety of other disciplines. The Program serves two types of students, 1) individuals currently employed in public service positions who may wish to pursue the MPA in order to broaden their educational backgrounds, prepare themselves for increased job responsibilities, or change career paths. Such in-service students currently make up the majority of the MPA student body, and 2) pre-service students who have recently completed a bachelor's degree and wish to use the master's degree to gain entry into a professional career track. Additionally, the MPA degree prepares individuals for further academic study at the doctoral level in public administration or related areas of study.

Program Development (Emphasis in Educational Innovation)

Doctorate - Blended

Education is a huge and growing enterprise involving millions of students and tens of thousands of educators in schools, colleges, businesses, nonprofits, the military, government, and dozens of other settings. It is also a field that is driven by innovation and the need for creative approaches to prepare students for a global environment that demands continuous learning in the face of rapid change.
The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Program Development with an emphasis in Educational Innovation prepares practicing professionals to develop and lead sustainable educational innovation in their own settings. This 54 credit hour professional degree, designed to be completed in three years, has a strong inquiry component that focuses on significant problems of practice in real-world educational settings. Required courses are scheduled at times and locations convenient for working professionals, and many distance-learning options are available as electives.