Public Administration

University of South Florida

Master’s - Blended

The University of South Florida Public Administration Program offers a multi-disciplinary course of study leading to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. The MPA degree is designed to prepare you for successful leadership roles and management careers in the public sector. Graduates of the MPA Program pursue careers in local, state or federal agencies of government, non-profit organizations and special service districts. Additionally, the MPA degree can prepare you for further academic study leading to the Doctorate in Public Administration or the Ph.D. in public policy and administration, as well as in a variety of other disciplines. The Program serves two types of students, 1) individuals currently employed in public service positions who may wish to pursue the MPA in order to broaden their educational backgrounds, prepare themselves for increased job responsibilities, or change career paths. Such in-service students currently make up the majority of the MPA student body, and 2) pre-service students who have recently completed a bachelor's degree and wish to use the master's degree to gain entry into a professional career track. Additionally, the MPA degree prepares individuals for further academic study at the doctoral level in public administration or related areas of study.