Functions of the Advisory Committees

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A St. Petersburg College advisory committee is a group of employers, students, and employees who guide the design, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and revision of college programs within a career pathway. Each advisory committee is made up of individuals with experience and expertise in the occupational field that the program serves.

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Advisory committees help to:

  • Promote communication among existing programs
  • Strengthen programs by providing student competency lists and reviewing curriculum
  • Ensure that each academic career pathway matches the corresponding industry career ladder
  • Review student outcomes (completion rates, placement rates, and state certification/licensing attainment)
  • Ensure that programs are relevant and up-to-date
  • Assess the equipment and facilities available and make recommendations as needed
  • Provide work-based learning experiences for learners
  • Provide training opportunities for educators
  • Advocate programs to communities and legislators
  • Assist with placement of program completers
  • Promote career pathways and inform communities about them
  • Work with SPC Leadership to seek legislative support for career pathways
  • Leverage community resources (equipment, facilities, materials, and broker community partnerships

SPC Board of Trustees Rules and College Procedures

For more information about SPC's Advisory Committees, contact

Sandy Mills-Alford, President and CEO of AliveTek Inc

Your work makes an impact

"It energizes me as a committee member when we hear directly from the students. Their stories are inspiring, and reaffirmed that we do this for the students. Listening to how hard they have worked to reach such positive outcomes makes me want to work that much harder for the current students in our program."

Sandy Mills-Alford, President & CEO, AliveTek Inc