Ways to Engage

Thank you for your continued support of students at St. Petersburg College. Your involvement as an SPC advisory committee member is critical for our graduates’ success in the workplace. There are many ways for you to engage that will help reach that goal. Please look over the list below and consider the activities in which you would like to participate. Please share your interests with your program administrator.


academic excellenceSPC will provide a high-quality education for our students by creating an innovative and engaging learning environment within a supportive, collegial culture.

  • Provide feedback on courses and curriculum changes
  • Attend capstone presentations
  • Recommend SPC adjunct instructors
  • Offer clinical partnerships
  • Speak in classrooms
  • Review student portfolios
  • Collaborate on grant opportunities
  • Recruit other advisory committee members
  • Other


economic mobilitySPC will provide opportunities for our students to be prepared for high-wage, high-need careers and professional growth, which will contribute to their economic success and improve the quality of life within our community, as well as assist in ending generational cycles of poverty.

  • Identify labor market trends
  • Host internships
  • Hire SPC students
  • Promote industry scholarships
  • Sponsor students to attend competitions and conferences
  • Critique students’ resumes
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Host apprenticeships
  • Other


community engagementSPC will invest in the well-being and growth of our community by serving as a leader, a convener and a catalyst for positive change. We will maintain this commitment by creating strong partnerships, participating in civic learning and community engagement, and cultivating a community of care.

  • Attend student showcases
  • Provide industry tours
  • Offer job shadowing
  • Mentor a Student
  • Participate in SPC job fairs
  • Speak on employer panels
  • Review scholarship applications
  • Donate equipment
  • Other