St. Petersburg College looks forward to collaborating with employers to deliver technical instruction through a combination of for-credit and non-credit courses to meet their future workforce. Apprentices will engage in the “earn while you learn” model leading to an industry credential and potential college credit.

Prospective Students Please Read: 

The apprenticeship program at St. Petersburg College is an employer-driven collaboration. As an employer-driven program, St. Petersburg College serves as a direct sponsor. Apprentice candidates are chosen directly by employers, and must first be employed within an organization that is either currently or willing to be sponsored for an apprenticeship program by St. Petersburg College.

Prospective students who are interested in learning more about the college’s degree programs, or programs that align with a specific career interest or goal can contact the recruitment services department, provided under the “STUDENTS PLEASE CONTACT” section on the left-hand side of this page.

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CareerSource Pinellas is here to help you chart a course for success.

We partner with CareerSource Pinellas to foster connections with both prospective apprentices, as well as prospective employers. CareerSource serves as a pivotal tool in helping students and apprentices access current open occupations and positions across multiple fields, as well as currently hiring organizations with state-registered apprenticeship programs.

For employers, CareerSource can help with funding for state-registered apprenticeships, as well as for meeting the unique demands and resources for specific occupations and their training needs. Funding can be explored to help develop a state-registered apprenticeship program with the state and create new positions, upscale organizational training, offset the cost of apprentice wages, and in general, expand and create a stronger workforce.

Why an Apprenticeship?

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Nationwide, there are more than 505,000 apprentices currently obtaining the skills they need to succeed while earning the wages they need to build financial security.

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Innovative Partnerships

"This is a truly inclusive program that will help workers attain the critical on-the-job training needed to bolster the American workforce in the growing global economy."

Mike Meidel, Director of Pinellas County Economic Development