Apprenticeships are perfect if you are looking for a formal way to earn experience and a living. Registered Apprenticeships offer a meaningful career path with salary increases along the way.

And according to the Department of Labor, workers who complete an apprenticeship program earn $300,000 more over a lifetime than their peers who don't.

What's in it for me as an employee?

  • Start working from day one
  • Earn more money as you master certain skills
  • On the job training teaches you the skills
  • Related classroom instruction in theory and practical applications
  • Increased job security and career opportunities
  • National credential when you finish
  • An education and the potential to earn college credit, even an associate or bachelor's degree, in many cases paid for by your employer.

Apprenticeships are growing

During the 2019-20 program year, 1,603 apprentices completed their program and received an apprenticeship certificate with an average median exit wage of $21.27 per hour or an annual salary of $44,241.

How do I become an apprentice?

Apprentices can either be new hires or current employees.

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Lisbeth Hynes
Administrative Services Specialist
Career Connections