Meet Ronnita Miller

When Ronnita Miller first came to St. Petersburg College, she was torn between her love of science and music. Today, she lives in Berlin, Germany, and her music career is soaring. She's in her third season as a member of the permanent ensemble at Deutsche Oper Berlin.

In between, she earned a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida and a master's degree from the Manhattan School of Music and she is also a graduate of New York's prestigious Julliard Opera Center.

"It was Placido Domingo who heard her singing at Juilliard as he walked the hallways," said Dr. Marilyn Michaels, Miller's vocal performance and opera workshop instructor at St. Petersburg College.

Ronnita spent two years in the Domingo-Thornton Young Artists Program at the Los Angeles Opera and has performed around the world at venues that include Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall in London and the Metropolitan Opera.

Name: Ronnita Miller
Degree: A.A. Degree
Graduation Date: 1998
Employer: Deutsche Oper Berlin