Meet Sasha Tuck

MIRA program Adjunct Sasha Tuck is a jazz vocalist with a master's degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. She performs at a wide range of venues and festivals all over the country, and also sings at private and corporate events.

Tuck says her students benefit from MIRA's faculty, who are focused on their students' ability to succeed in the music business, above and beyond their talent.

"We're dedicated to helping young musicians learn the full scope of skills that they'll need in the real world," Tuck said. "They learn about the music business and recording technology, and they are given opportunities to play in live and studio bands. We also have a strong emphasis on professionalism and learning to self-market."

Tuck finds that her students encourage her own growth.

"It's really inspiring to see students leave the program and integrate themselves into the local and national musical community," she said. "Our program really encourages them to dedicate themselves and grow as artists."

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Name: Sasha Tuck
Job Title: Professor, Vocalist, Composer
Degree: Master's in Jazz Studies