Meet Viola Toussaint

Viola Toussaint

Viola Toussaint, a graduate of St. Petersburg College's Hospitality and Tourism Management A.S. Degree program, credits SPC with helping her find success in her hospitality and tourism career. SPC's unique location was a huge draw for Toussaint, who has always had a passion for the hospitality industry.

In Toussaint's case, the flexibility of the program worked in her favor to complete her degree.

"SPC is flexible and let me maintain my work schedule," said Toussaint. "Most of us do have a full time job and other responsibilities, children and family."

Toussaint learned all she needed at SPC to succeed in the workplace. She explained that "a lot of the topics touch on exactly what I'm working with and beverage, accounting, time management, what to do and not to do and how to handle situations.

"I felt very prepared for my job when I graduated. I knew what I would be walking into."

Name: Viola Toussaint
Job Title: Assistant Front Office Manager
Employer: Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront