Meet Denise Steele

Denise Steele

SPC grad Denise Steele is a third grade language arts teacher at Frontier Elementary and was one of the top 10 finalists for Outstanding Educator of the Year in Pinellas County.

As an adult learner, Denise liked the flexibility offered at SPC, where she could take classes online, at night and even on the weekends. Denise is proud of the fact that she never gave up on her education and often shares her experience with students and their parents.

Denise said she acquired her own classroom style from her instructors at St. Petersburg College. 

"My classroom is a student-centered environment, with me as the facilitator. Many SPC courses are organized in that way. They really prepare you as a student for what you can expect in the school setting. The professors modeled professionalism for all St. Petersburg College students, which is what is expected of any classroom teacher."

Since graduation, Denise has worked as a classroom teacher, team leader, instructional coach, administrator, PTA member, SAC member and new teacher mentor. She has also earned her master's degree from St. Leo University.

"SPC gave me the opportunity to both have a family and pursue my dreams," she said. 

Name: Denise Steele
Job Title: Third grade language arts teacher
Employer: Frontier Elementary School