Earn a college credit certificate in Mechatronics

Our Advanced Manufacturing Program offers a 30 credit hour Mechatronics Certificate that uses state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on lab activities to teach you about robotics, pneumatics, motors and controls, automation and censors and programmable logic controllers.

Collaborative Center for Emerging Technologies
St. Petersburg College is the perfect place to learn mechatronics skills, as we home to Tampa Bay area's first Collaborative Center for Emerging Technologies. This open manufacturing factory work environment features state-of-the-art equipment so you learn the skills needed in emerging technologies. 

This academic program prepares you for the following careers. All job data is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

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What your learn in SPC's Mechatronics Certificate

  • Maintenance techniques
  • computer-aided drafting/design skills
  • technical communications
  • maintenance and operation of various industrial components including robotics and automation systems, pneumatics and hydraulics, and motors and controls.

Mechatronics Certificate with Financial Aid Eligibility


Effective Beginning Catalog Term: Fall 2018 (550)

The requirements shown below are valid beginning Fall 2018 (550), and may not reflect degree requirements for current students. Current students should visit My SPC and view My Learning Plan to see specific degree requirements for their effective term.

Program Leadership Information

Dr. Natavia Middleton

Program Summary

This 30 credit hour certificate program offers a sequence of courses that provides comprehensive and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in Advanced Manufacturing. Students will be immersed into a hands-on program that will prepare for employment as industrial mechanics.

The content includes but is not limited to instruction in maintenance techniques, computer aided drafting/design skills, technical communications, maintenance and operation of various industrial components, robotics and automation systems, pneumatics and hydraulics, and motorsand controls.

The Academic Pathway is a tool for students that lists the following items:
o the recommended order in which to take the program courses
o suggested course when more than one option exists
o which semester each course is typically offered
o if the course has a prerequisite
o courses that may lead to a certificate (if offered in the program)

If you are starting the program this term, click here to access the recommended Academic Pathway.

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Florida CIP Code

0615000013: MECHATRONICS

Federal CIP Code

15.0000: Engineering Technology, General.

Complete 30 credits

EET 1084C Introduction to Electronics 3
EET 1035C AC/DC Circuits with Lab 3
ETI 1420 Manufacturing Processes and Materials I 3
ETI 1701 Industrial Safety 3
ETM 2315C Fluid Power 3
ETM 1010C Mechanical Measurement 3
ETS 1511C Motors and Controls 3
ETS 1535C Automation and Sensors 3
ETS 1542C Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 3
ETS 2604C Robotics 3
Total Credits 30


The Mechatronics Certificate can be completed as a stand-alone program or as part of SPC's Engineering Technology A.S. degree.

Mechatronics Certificate