Meet Marcel Maslowski

Marcel Maslowski

Marcel Maslowski had studied abroad in France and traveled Europe before moving to Florida and enrolling in St. Petersburg College's Building Arts program. Maslowski said the architecture classes at SPC helped him understand the design aspect of architecture.

"During the first design semester, none of our projects involved actual buildings," Maslowski said. "Our teacher was trying to make us think in a more abstract manner. This really intrigued and stimulated my creative side. I also learned important notions such as a concept, which is the catalyst of a project."

After graduating, he transferred to the University of South Florida's master's program in Architecture. After completing the program, he began his career with ASD SKY, a multi-disciplinary design firm with a wide variety of projects, including the new Saint Petersburg Pier and the renovation of the Tampa Convention Center.

"I typically work on all five phases of a project, from initial design to final completion," he said. "The design phases still remain the most exciting to me. I always jump at the chance to sketch my ideas on paper before using the computer."

Maslowski credits SPC as being a stepping stone to finding and securing his current career.

"The flexible program allowed me to test the waters of different career paths. At the end, I was drawn towards architecture classes, which defined who I am now. SPC architecture classes taught me a new language, which I use every day as an architect. I now look at our built environment with a whole new perspective."

Name: Marcel Maslowski
Job Title: Architect
Employer: ASD SKY