Meet Melanie Poirier

Melanie Poirier received her Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene from St. Petersburg College in May 2012 and works as a clinical dental hygienist. Living so close to SPC's Health Education Center, where the program is offered, made St. Petersburg College an easy choice for Melanie.

Melanie said she chose dental hygiene as her career "because I love helping people and enjoy making them feel confident about their smile and contributing to their overall health. The most rewarding thing about my career is having patients thank me for taking the time to educate them on how to improve their hygiene, and seeing improvement at their next visit."

After practicing in the profession, she returned to SPC to earn her Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. She now teaches as an adjunct faculty member at St. Petersburg College.

"I absolutely love it!" Melanie said. "I get to share my love for my career with students. I am so glad I chose SPC to earn my degree because I have made lasting friendships and graduated from exceptional programs that led me to where I am today doing what I love."

Name: Melanie Poirier
Job Title: Dental Hygienist