Meet Taquisha Watts

image of Taquisha Watts

Taquisha Watts loves her job. She gets to work with kids all day, and help them develop lifelong good dental hygiene habits.

A licensed dental hygienist, Taquisha credits St. Petersburg College's professors and hands-on experience with preparing her for the real world.

"Getting my degree was all worth it because I love my job," said Watts, who earned her Dental Hygiene A.S. Degree and A.A. Degree from SPC. "St. Petersburg College gave me the structure that I would need to be successful in my field. They gave me the skills and the knowledge to be prepared for the real world."

Like many children (and even adults), Taquisha was afraid of the dentist. But as she got older and began forming a good relationship with her dentist, she outgrew that.

"At some point, I was like - I think this is something I would like to go to school for," said Watts. " Honestly I think having a degree really helps to open many doors. Education is the key to being successful. I would definitely recommend St. Petersburg College because I think it is a wonderful college and prepares you for many different career opportunities."

Name: Taquisha Watts
Job Title: Dental Hygienist
Graduation Date: 2014