Meet Amy Bhatt

Amy Bhatt started early: In St. Petersburg College's Early College Program. She first earned her Associate in Arts degree in 2015, then her high school diploma in June 2015, her Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies in May 2016, and she is now pursuing her Juris Doctor at Florida State University College of Law.

"In my years at SPC, I found that this is a great place to learn and develop academic intelligence. But even beyond that, the interaction with faculty and students is phenomenal for developing 'practical intelligence' in dealing with people and working as a team. I quickly realized that in order to succeed, we need both academic and practical intelligence."  

Bhatt is the only student in the history of SPC to have won both the Apollo Award, the highest honor an associate degree graduate can achieve, and the Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor a bachelor's graduate can achieve. She also was selected to receive the 2015 All-Florida Academic Award, recognizing her as one of the top 30 of 900,000 college students in Florida.

Among other things, she was President of the Honors College Student Consortium, Vice President of the Legal Studies Society, and Editor-in-Chief of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono newsletter during her time at SPC.

"Education is not just the knowledge received in class. While I acquired my academic intelligence from my courses, much of the practical intelligence I gained came from extracurricular activities at SPC."

Bhatt said she will feel forever grateful for her time at St. Petersburg College.

"In just two years, I got so much from SPC, that I feel I will never be able to pay it back."

Name: Amy Bhatt
Degree: A.A. Degree, B.A.S. Degree Paralegal Studies
Graduation Date: 2015, 2016