Meet Charles McAbee

Charles McAbee earned his bachelor's degree in Public Safety Administration in 2014. He credits SPC with making him a better boss and employee. 

McAbee, who serves the city of Clearwater as their lead distribution operator, says the classes he took at SPC allowed him to diversify his experience.

"The whole college experience has been very beneficial to me," said McAbee, who has worked for Clearwater for 13 years.

His bachelor's level classes included organizational communication, public personnel management, strategic and operational planning and managing conflict in public organizations. 

"A lot of my classes applied directly to dealing with issues at my job," said McAbee. "As I was progressing in supervisory roles, I was taking classes at the same time, and I could actually apply them to my work."

McAbee said his experience at SPC was life-changing.

"College has been a wonderful experience for me," he said. "It got me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in so many different ways."

Name: Charles McAbee
Job Title: Lead distribution operator