Meet Mecca Bellmore  Serfustini

Mecca Bellmore Serfustini earned her bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Administration in 2015, and was the first graduate to win a position in the partnership formed between the City of Seminole and SPC's Public Policy department. The one-year appointment came with a full salary, benefits and a world of experience to put on her resume.

"It has been a wonderful, meaningful experience," she said. "Good work is recognized from the top down, and this really built up my confidence."

Bellmore earned several certificates at SPC, including her first FEMA certificate. She put that knowledge to use writing FEMA plans for the City's recreation department and the library.

"I was completely prepared by SPC to do this job. I rarely had to ask questions because we had studied city government so thoroughly. This program was so well-rounded that I could choose from any department I wanted to work in."

Bellmore did so well at the City of Seminole that she landed a dream job with her hometown, the City of St. Pete Beach. Bellmore attributes winning her new job to her time at SPC.

"This is such a great program," she said. "All of my professors were very nurturing and patient, not only in Public Policy, but in the gen ed classes, too. I could call them for help any time, night or day." 

Name: Mecca Bellmore  Serfustini