Financial Aid Forms

Verification update - less documentation now required for some students!

See the updated Verification requirements.

Log in to MySPC to see if there are any documents that you do not need to submit (will show as "waived"), documents you still need to submit (will show as "initiated" or "returned") or if you have already been awarded financial aid.

Helpful hints

  • E-Forms
    • Quicker and easier to complete
    • Can be completed on mobile devices
    • Work better using landscape instead of portrait
    • Enable cookie functionality on your mobile internet browser
    • Pop up blockers may prevent E-forms from displaying correctly on your mobile device
  • Fillable versions
    • Some forms are only available in fillable PDF format
    • Fillable forms work best using Chrome
    • Fillable forms may require Adobe ® Reader ®
    • Fillable versions of other forms are available by contacting A$KFA$
  • Wait 24-48 hours before resubmitting
  • Always check your and/or your parents' email for forms you have already started
  • Verification documents must be submitted by using our online E-Forms, in person or by mail or fax. For your personal security and to meet federal guidelines, we cannot accept student Verification documents by email

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