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Our Community Health Worker Certificate targets non-degreed, front-line community health workers who serve as home visitors, family support workers, resource workers, peer counselors, public health aides, family advocates and outreach workers.


  • Gives you the skills necessary to promote, foster and support healthy, well-functioning families
  • Takes less than two terms to complete
  • Transfers to our A.S. in Human Services

Continuing your Education

This diploma transfers to our Social and Human Services A.S. Degree, which transfers to our bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration.



As the human services industry moves toward more community-based services, there will be an increasing demand for trained human services professionals. Professionals with technical and interpersonal skills that can address social, emotional and cognitive problems will remain in demand. Employment in private agencies is expected to grow, as governments continue to contract out services to the private sector to cut costs.


  • Human development stages
  • Community outreach practices
  • Strategies for facilitating healthy families and communities
  • Best practices

Community Health Worker Certificate Curriculum

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