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How does Winter Session Financial Aid work?

Winter Session Financial Aid is processed according to the procedures and dates already in place for spring. The only exception is the Book Line of Credit (see below).

Is the Winter Session a term of its own?

No, Winter Session is an extension of the Spring 2024.

Will Winter Session enrollment count towards Spring 2024?

Yes, Winter Session enrollment will count toward the overall enrollment for Spring 2024.

3 credit hours (Winter) + 9 credit hours (Spring Express) = 12 credit hours for Spring 2024.

Will students receive a separate financial aid award for Winter Session?

No, there will not be a separate financial aid award for Winter Session. The overall award for Spring 2024 will include any enrolled credit hours for Winter Session. Financial aid awards are viewable in MySPC.

Using the example above, the student will receive a full-time financial aid award based on enrollment in both the Winter and Express Sessions.

Will a Book Line of Credit (BLOC) be available for Winter Session?

Yes, the Winter Session BLOC is an early extension of the Full Term, Weekend College and First 8 Week Session BLOC (BLOC 1) for Spring 2024.  It will be available on 11/27/2022, for eligible students enrolled in Winter Session. The amount will be up to $400 which can increase up to $800 on 12/18/2023 when BLOC 1 begins.

When will refunds be available for Winter Session?

Tuition Refunds and Financial Aid Refunds will occur based on the dates already established for Spring 2024.

Will Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) be calculated following Winter Session?

No, SAP will not be calculated at the end of Winter Session. SAP will be calculated at the end of Spring 2024 as it normally is.