SPC Student Money-Back Guarantee

A student is considered eligible if they are unable to obtain employment in the occupation in which the student was trained within six months of successful completion of one of the following three workforce programs and obtained the associated licensure and/or certifications:

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    • Met program requirements for attendance in didactic courses, labs, and clinical rotations (e.g., 85% attendance rate unless approved with an excused absence such as a loss of a family member, significant illness, etc.).
    • Have a GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Be in good standing with the health science host clinical sites and successfully completed all clinical requirements.
    • After completion of the eligible workforce program, the student cannot be enrolled in another education program.
    • Be in good financial standing with St. Petersburg College.
    • Be legally eligible for employment in the U.S. and must not have a criminal background that prevents employment within the career field.
    • Seek services from St. Petersburg College's Career Services department and developed a student career plan including completing registration in Handshake, resume review, and mock interviews.
    • If after three months following graduation the graduate is not employed, they must seek employment services from CareerSource Pinellas and show evidence of at least three employment consultations and 10 associated job applications.
    • Provide evidence of at least 20 submitted job search company applications related to the occupation(s) associated with their program of study.
    • Provide evidence of completing at least 10 good faith interviews for jobs related to their program of study (e.g., documents such as an email or letter of invitation to interview, confirmation of non-selection etc.).
    • Have not declined a job offer within the specified time.
    • Student graduates are not eligible to apply for this program on the first day of the month, 13 months after graduation.
    • Student must have attended at least two industry-related career fairs and/or worked directly with Career Services for employment assistance in the last semester of enrollment.
    • Within one month of program completion, the student must register for the industry certification(s) required for employment.
    • Within six months of program completion, the student must pass all state and/or industry certification(s) required for employment.
    • Be willing to travel or relocate to a new market to obtain employment within the field.