Institutional scholarships are awarded by St. Petersburg College or by individual departments at SPC based on financial need and/or academic achievement. Criteria and amounts vary. You will be notified if you are eligible to receive the following awards.

You may qualify for scholarships based on your athletic talents.  Contact the following for more information:

SPC Athletics - Davie Gill, Athletic Director

Women's Softball - Breanna Myers, Head Coach

Women's Basketball - Denisha Davidson, Head Coach

Women's Volleyball - Grace Richmeyer, Head Coach

Women's Tennis - Phil Giraldi, Head Coach

Men's Baseball - Oscar Espada, Head Coach

Men's Basketball - Earnest Crumbley, Head Coach

Students in the various baccalaureate programs of study are eligible for academic merit scholarships designed to encourage students, who distinguished themselves in their freshman and sophomore years or while currently enrolled in baccalaureate programs, to continue their education and seek a baccalaureate degree at St. Petersburg College.

To review the eligibility requirements and apply for any of the above scholarships, complete the Baccalaureate Scholarship Application.

Baccalaureate Programs Scholarships include:

  • The Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Transfer Scholarship is offered to students who are alumnus of Phi Theta Kappa and have received the USA Today All American Award. Students may be former SPC graduates or graduates of other colleges.
  • The Honors College Transfer Scholarship is designed to encourage students who graduated from an honors college to continue their junior and senior educational experience at St. Petersburg College’s baccalaureate program.
  • The Presidential Baccalaureate Transfer Scholarship is designed to encourage students that graduated from an Associate degree to continue their junior and senior educational experience in a St. Petersburg College baccalaureate program.
  • Associate to Bachelor Transfer Scholarships are designed for St. Petersburg College’s Associate degree graduates that desire to continue their junior and senior education experience in a St. Petersburg College baccalaureate program.
  • Florida Educator’s Fund Scholarships is designed to encourage qualified 9th-12th grade students that participate in the Black History & Cultural Bowl competition to start and complete the Associate and Bachelor degrees at St. Petersburg College.
  • The Study Abroad Scholarships encourage students in bachelor's degree programs to fulfill graduation requirements and enhance their educational experience by participating in our Study Abroad program. Get eligibility and application details for Bachelor's degree scholarships for study abroad students. 

Board of Trustees Scholarships can be awarded if you are taking prerequisites in preparation to transfer and those courses are not eligible for financial aid.

Students must:

Eligible students may receive up to six (6) credit hours of tuition and Access Fees.  Lab fees and books are not covered.

See your Academic Advisor for more information and to apply. 

The Dr. Johnnie Ruth Clarke Scholarship is designated for students graduating from Pinellas County high schools.

You may qualify for scholarships based on your specific activities.  Contact the following for more information:

Band & Chorus, Dance and MIRA (Music Industry Recording Arts) - Nathan Muehl, Chair, Humanities & Fine Arts

Digital Media - John Muehl, Program Director

Theater - Scott Cooper, Faculty

Visual Arts - Jonathan Barnes, Chair, Humanities & Fine Arts

The Honors Program offers Board of Trustees' scholarships to both current and incoming honors students. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Incoming freshman, current SPC students and transfer students must complete an Honors Program Application and be accepted to the Honors Program to be considered for this scholarship. Students enrolled in less than 11 credit hours per semester are eligible for the partial scholarship. Individual amounts are decided by the Honors Advisory Council.

Honors Program members must at least meet the two requirements listed below to be considered for the Trustees' Honors Program Scholarship. Please remember awards vary depending on the following criteria:

  1. You must be in good academic standing (3.25 cumulative college or high school GPA).
  2. You must be enrolled in at least one honors course per session.

The scholarship is available for both full-time and part-time students. The amount varies each term and is based on merit. Recipients of the Presidential, Johnnie Ruth Clark Scholarships and dual enrolled students are not eligible to receive an Honors College scholarship. Current recipients and new students must submit a new application each year. 

The Intensive English Program Scholarship awards $1,000 per student that will be applied toward the program’s cost:

  • Available to all new and transfer F-1 Visa students who register in the program
  • Offered per semester, up to two full semesters for a total of $2,000
  • Interested students must apply before the end of Summer 2022

To apply for this scholarship, complete the program application by following the step-by-step instructions for international students studying in the United States.

Learn more about the Intensive English Program at

Students who are within 12 credit hours of obtaining their first associate's or bachelor's degree can apply for SPC's Last Mile Scholarship!

The Maria Nieves Edmonds Scholarship is designated for students graduating from Pinellas County High Schools.

The Presidential Scholarship is designated for students graduating from Pinellas County high schools.

Students in the following programs may apply:

  • Police Academy
  • Fire Fighter
  • Paramedic ATD
  • Corrections
  • Public Safety Telecommunications - 911

Eligible students must understand and agree to the following eligibility criteria:

  • I must satisfy admission requirements to SPC
  • If awarded, enroll in a PSAV program during the term of the award
  • I am a high school graduate or have obtained an equivalent diploma
  • I have and will continue to maintain a 3.0 Program GPA, or I otherwise meet the individual program requirements
  • I have passed the screening selection requirement

Selection note:

  • If a student is selected for an award prior to enrollment, once the student enrolls, the award will be placed onto their student account to pay toward their bill
  • If the student chooses not to enroll, the Selection Committee can choose to hold the scholarship (within the same year) or give the funds to another student

For more information, please contact:

The SPC Promise Scholarship is designated for students who graduate in 2023 from specific high schools.