Get Started at UPC

Step One: Select your Program and Degree
UPC student groupsThe University Partnership Center (UPC) is an alliance with 16 colleges and universities offering over 100 bachelor's and graduate degree programs in Pinellas County. After reviewing the information listed and deciding on a program to pursue, call the UPC and we will direct you to a program advisor from our partnering institutions who will send you detailed information. These program advisors serve as a liaison between the UPC and the institutions they represent. They will be able to answer questions about their programs, prerequisite requirements, transfer information, transcripts and fees.

Or, if you are unsure about a program to pursue, contact the UPC and we will arrange a face-to-face meeting to assist you in finding an appropriate degree program to capitalize on your background, previous education and training, and personal and career interests.

Step Two: Gather Information
The University Partnership Center holds information sessions periodically; check this site for dates and locations of these upcoming information sessions. Representatives from partnering institutions will be there to provide information to prospective students, to answer questions about their programs and to advise students preparing for admission. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the programs being offered through the UPC and to have your questions answered.

Step Three: Entrance Requirements and Admission
To become a University Partnership Center student, you must meet the admission requirements and be admitted to one of the partner colleges and universities. You apply to the college or university from which you intend to receive your degree. This becomes your "home" campus even though you will never need to go to that campus until you walk across the stage at graduation. All classes leading to your degree will be taught at the UPC in Pinellas County or online.

Generally speaking, you are eligible to become a UPC student when you have completed your A.A. or A.S. degree or have completed 60 hours of of college-level credit. However, each university partner or specific programs may have specific requirements for admission.

Step Four: Register and Pay Tuition
Each institution has different registration requirements. The UPC will direct you to a program advisor from your "home" campus who will send you an application and other pertinent information regarding their registration process. They also will advise you where to send your transcripts and dates for application deadlines.

Tuition to attend the University Partnership Center is the same as that of the college or university offering the program (your "home" campus). When you obtain your degree, it will be from the institution from which you have completed your coursework, not the UPC.

Please contact your college or university "home" campus for registration deadlines. Some of the partner institutions also will have a couple of days each semester that you may register with your "home" campus at the UPC. Please continue to check this website or your "home" university for registration information.

Step Five: Financial Assistance
Students interested in financial aid should contact the office of financial assistance at the college or university offering the program (your "home" campus).

Barry University

Case Western Reserve University
800-825-2546 #0517  

Cleveland State University

Daytona State College 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida State University

Saint Leo University

University of Florida

University of South Florida (Tampa)

University of South Florida (St. Pete)

St. Petersburg College

Q. I've already graduated from St. Petersburg College and am about to enroll in the University Partnership Center program. How will that affect my financial assistance?  A. Your financial assistance will now be handled through the university/college you have chosen to receive your bachelor's or master's degree. You should contact that institution's financial assistance office.

Q. I'm enrolled in a University Partnership Center degree program but I'm also taking a course at St. Petersburg College. Can I have that course count in my financial assistance eligibility? 

A. As long as the course counts toward your University Partnership Center degree requirement you may be able to have it included. Contact your University Partnership Center financial assistance office for further information concerning "Consortium Agreement" eligibility.

Q. I'm currently working on my AA degree at St. Petersburg College but I'm also taking one course at a University Partnership Center institution. Can I receive financial assistance for that course? 

A. If the course you are taking counts toward your degree at St. Petersburg College you may be eligible to have that course included in the financial assistance calculation. You need to see one of the financial assistance counselors at St. Petersburg College for additional information and to secure a "Consortium Agreement" form.

Q. As a University Partnership Center student, how is my financial assistance handled? 

A. Like all students who attend your University Partnership Center institution, financial assistance is handled through that college's/university's financial assistance office.