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Ready to take your firefighting career to the next level? Our Fire Science Technology Associate in Science Degree gives you a scientific understanding of fire hazards and how to control and prevent them and prepares you for the next step in your fire safety career.

This academic program prepares you for the following careers. All job data is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

First-Line Supervisors of Firefighting and Prevention Workers

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Fire Science Technology Associate in Science

Effective Beginning Catalog Term: Summer 2023 (620)

The requirements shown below are valid beginning Summer 2023 (620), and may not reflect degree requirements for current students. Current students should visit My SPC and view My Learning Plan to see specific degree requirements for their effective term.

Program Summary

***THIS PROGRAM IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING STUDENTS. LAST ADMISSION TERM IS SUMMER 2023 (0620)*** → Students who wish to pursue Fire Science Technology may enroll in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management A.S. (EAM-AS) program with a declared subplan of Fire Science (FIRESCI).


This program is offered as a Fully Online program. The goal of this program is to prepare students with a scientific understanding of fire hazards and their control with emphasis on effective operating procedures at fires and other emergencies. General education courses are included to prepare the graduate to communicate and work effectively with all levels of society. Completion of the following courses will qualify students to earn the Fire Officer Supervisor Certificate (FOSU-CT): FFP 2120, FFP 2720, FFP 2740, FFP 2810. The general college admission policy applies to all students entering the Fire Science Technology program. 

Graduation Requirements

1. A minimum grade of "C" in all Support and Major courses.
2. Students must complete an End-of-Program Assessment Examination

Academic Pathways The Academic Pathway is a tool for students that lists the following items:
  • the recommended order in which to take the program courses
  • suggested course when more than one option exists
  • which semester each course is typically offered
  • if the course has a prerequisite
  • courses that may lead to a certificate (if offered in the program)
If you are starting the program this term,

If you have already started the program,

Please verify the Academic Pathway lists your correct starting semester.
Program Leadership Information

Florida CIP Code

1743020112 - Fire Science Technology

Federal CIP Code

43.0201 - Fire Prevention and Safety Technology/Technician.

Continue your education at SPC

SPC's Fire Officer Supervisor Certificate is part of and transfers to our Associate in Science degree in Fire Science Technology. The A.S. degree transfers to SPC's bachelor's degree in Public Safety Administration.

Firefighter In-Service Training

St. Petersburg College also offers in-service advanced training for fire professionals at the Fire and Public Safety Training Center and fire stations throughout Pinellas County.

Fire Science Technology A.S. Degree