Make the transfer to St. Petersburg College

Have you attended another college or university and want to attend SPC? We're glad you're here. As a transfer student, you'll need to submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges that you've attended. It's very important that SPC receives all of your official transcripts within your first term of admission or re-admission as it may impact your ability to enroll for subsequent terms. It is to your advantage for SPC to have a complete record of your educational history. A complete educational history allows you to:

  • Expedite progression through your program of study
  • Minimize the potential for repeating courses at SPC that you already successfully completed elsewhere
  • Simplify the registration process
  • Save you time and money

Once you have met all admission requirements and SPC receives your official high school/GED transcript or Home School Affidavit, SPC will post your applicable transfer credits to your record.

How will my course credits transfer to SPC?

Use the Transfer Evaluation Tool to get an idea of how the credits you earned at another college or university may transfer to SPC. We would be happy to answer specific questions you have about your courses or this tool. You may contact us at

Steps to Transfer

Apply to SPC

Apply to SPC and review our admissions steps. SPC cannot evaluate or post your transcript(s) until you have an admission application on file and you have completed all admissions requirements. If you have applied to one of our Bachelor's programs, you may want to double check the admissions requirement checklist.

Send Your Official Transcripts to SPC

Review how to send your official transcripts to SPC. An official transcript is one that is sent directly from the institution in a sealed envelope and is designated official in writing or by virtue of transcript format. Official transcripts can be hand delivered to any campus admissions/registration center as long as the transcript remains sealed it its original envelope from the institution. Faxed transcripts are not considered official and will not be accepted or evaluated.

If you completed an A.A.S. degree or higher at a regionally accredited institution, we will not need your high school/GED transcript or Home School Affidavit. Also, prior coursework on a college transcript may exempt you from taking the SPC Placement Test.

Review Your Evaluated Transcript

Once you have completed all of your admissions checklist items, your transfer credits will be posted as soon as possible. After the evaluation is complete, please check MySPC to see if your transfer credits have been posted as expected.

  • Graduate level courses: will not be posted to your SPC record.
  • Repeated Courses: SPC will accept only the most recent attempt of a repeated course at the same institution.
  • All grades for college-level courses (including Fs) will be considered for calculation of grade point average.
  • Your official SPC transcript will reflect three items:
      • Your SPC grade point average
      • Your SPC transfer grade point average
      • A combined grade point average

We recommend that you meet with an advisor to determine how to best use your transfer credits to meet your degree objectives. You should also contact the financial aid offices at SPC and the school you currently attend to determine transfer policies.